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For the Whole Family: Green Batteries

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide on Traveling with Baby.  From now until February 14th, you’ll find great Valentine’s gift ideas for the whole family.  You’ll even have the opportunity to win some of the products featured on the Gift Guide–isn’t that lovely?


Did your family end up with holiday gifts that require batteries?  Thankfully, we did not, but during my son’s first year, he received multiple gifts that sucked down batteries faster than we could keep up!  Not only was I concerned with proper disposal of the batteries, but I was also concerned about the environmental footprint they’d leave behind.

I’ve tried rechargeable batteries in the past, but they just don’t last as long nor pack the same power punch as traditional batteries.  So, when I heard about Fuji’s new Enviromax batteries that are branded as environmentally friendly, I thought they were worth a try.

Compared to conventional batteries, they work just as well and last just as long.  I asked about the composition to understand just how environmentally-friendly these batteries are.  I learned from Fuji that they’re comprised of “iron, nickel, zinc, electrolyte-manganese dioxide, bronze and paper. Unlike most batteries, they do not contain lithium.”


  • mercury-free
  • cadmium-free
  • PVC-free

My step-dad has worked with battery recycling for close to 24 years.  I asked him what he thought about these new environmentally-friendly batteries from Fuji, and this is what he said,

Iron-nickel batteries are a very old technology (over 100 years).  Nothing ground breaking here, but maybe there will be a new appreciation for them given the relative environmental friendliness of the materials in them.  The batteries are relatively heavy, expensive to make, and have poor charge retention.

I love that Fuji is taking the lead on green batteries, even if it is re-marketing old technology, and I hope other manufacturers will follow suit.  Meanwhile, if your holiday gifts are running low on battery juice, the Enviromax batteries by Fuji are a great way to re-charge while being kind to the earth.  When a 2-pack of Cs or 4-pack of AA’s run $5.99 they’re comparable to conventional batteries in cost as well as power, at least in my experience.


One (1) winner will receive a 2-pack of Fuji Enviromax batteries in size C (retail value $5.99) and 4-pack in size AA (retail value $5.99).

To enter, leave a comment relevant to this post prior to February 14th at 11:59 p.m.  Please follow the contest rules and avoid any generalized comments, or you will be disqualified.

Extra Credit

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog about the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide or this giveaway, then leave a comment with a link to your post.

FOR A THIRD ENTRY: Tweet (include @drdolly) about this giveaways or the Valentine’s Day gift guide, then leave a second comment telling me that you did with a link.

FOR A FOURTH ENTRY: Enter another contest on the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, and leave a comment telling me which one you entered.

*I received a product samples of Fuji Enviromax AA and C batteries for the purpose of this review.  Read my full disclosure policy.
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*UPDATE* Congrats to #19 LauraB!

25 Responses

  1. We’ve been using rechargeable’s for our Wii and it seems like they don’t last long. I’d love to see if these work better!

  2. Yeah we go through lots of batteries

  3. We have SO MANY toys in our home that need batteries, these would be WELL USED!

  4. I could really use some rechargeable batteries !

  5. I entered the hair clip giveaway too

  6. These batteries would come in handy. I can think of many uses for them already!

  7. I also entered the “Flower for her hair” hair clip giveaway!

  8. Tweeted (@sazzyfrazzy) about the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide at http://twitter.com/sazzyfrazzy/statuses/8671616899

  9. I would love to start using rechargeable batteries! I cringe every time I replace batteries in any device (between the cost and the environmenal impact, it is such a waste). I try to buy appliances that can be charged from the wall outlet, but that is not always an option. This would be the eco-friendly solution!

  10. Tweet: (forgot to include @drdolly)http://twitter.com/anatolyevna/status/8700704476

  11. I definitely am a fan of rechargeable batteries. We use them in our digital camera. I would love to try these new ones from Fuji out!

  12. I’d love to win these; we’re always running out of batteries, and I like that these are environmentally friendly.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  13. I entered the Kidorable umbrella contest.
    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  14. I tweeted about your Valentine’s Day gift guide here (including @drdolly): http://twitter.com/my_twitraccount/status/8897924912
    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  15. I love that batteries are finally green and that they also last long.

  16. I love that these batteries are mercury-, cadmium- and PVC-free! They actually last as long as disposable batteries? I have to try some! 🙂

  17. I entered the Surf Sweets candy giveaway.

  18. i think these would be great for wall clocks and other devices that don’t work well with rechargeables (don’t slowly wear out so you can tell). I’d be game to give them a try.

  19. I entered the Surf Sweets candy giveaway.

  20. We use rechargeable batteries for our camera, it seems to eat batteries for breakfast in a quick hurry. That is probably the one thing that brought us around to using rechargeable in other things around our house.

  21. I entered the Kidorable umbrella giveaway, hopefully we will win a frog.

  22. We go through batteries so quick in this house. It seems like all my son’s toys require them. Finally did buy some rechargeables, but don’t always remember to put them in the charger.

  23. I entered the Kidorable giveaway.

  24. I would love to give these batteries a try. The batteries in my digital camera do not last long at all.

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