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Tea Time

Drinking herbal tea is part of my life–ever since childhood.  In fact, it was an integral part of my cultural heritage.  Since my husband and I both enjoy herbal teas year-round, it’s only natural that our son wants to share in that relaxing experience of enjoying an infusion of warmth and delicate tastes.

Today, while we enjoyed having “church” at home (since our church service was canceled due to lots of snow and lack of plows), we sipped tea while watching a video lecture on the holy Trinity by Dr. R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries.

Of course, Calvin wanted to have MY tea.  So, I made a pot of fruit and spice tea, just for him, with half of a clementine, a thick slice of lemon, 3 cloves, and half a stick of cinnamon steeped in hot water.

He drank two servings in his little bamboo cup.  I think it was a hit!

As an extra special treat, I cut up half of an organic oatmeal cranberry cookie from the box that Elisa shared with us.  Completely. Devoured. Instantly.

He didn’t enjoy his tea and cookie alone.  No sirree…our little tea connoiseur had a tea party with his largest stuffed lovey, Mr. Bear.

This party was soon after the morning’s yogurt snack where Calvin already tried to “share” his yogurt with the bear.  Said party resulted in wiping and washing off Mr. Bear’s face with specific instructions that stuffed friends don’t actually “eat” or “drink” real food, just pretend food, followed by a demonstration for added emphasis.

Considering this point had been clearly made, I thought we’d attempt a tea party where Mr. Bear had his own set of bowls and cups chock full of light and airy air.

I love the look on Calvin’s face as he’s really giving Mr. Bear a good chug of “pretend” tea.  So determined.

Unfortunately, I think the first cup of tea I presented to my son was just a little on the too hot side.  Just a wee bit.

Guess it didn’t bother him too much, because he immediately sipped more.

I just love his exquisite and plentiful eyelashes–way more than his mother will ever have.  Do you see how his upper lip comes down to a little point?  He’s blowing on his tea to cool it off so he doesn’t have a repeat reaction like before.  I’m kinda in love with his face in this photo.


This time, it was just right.  I love that this cup is the perfect size for his little hands.  However, his tea party with Mr. Bear makes me want to find a perfect little cast iron tetsubin tea set for all of us to enjoy together.

Okay, we’re off to build a snow boy!

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