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Soaking It Up

I’ll admit it…I’m getting a little behind on this fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  There are still SO many fantastic things I want to share with you as you prepare for the special day, and the hold up is that I need to snap some photos stat!

I know. I know. Excuses. Excuses.  SO lame!

But seriously…that flood we had just over a week ago (that lasted about a week), really put me behind.  It really kinda threw everything up in turmoil, and I know it stressed out my sweet little guy.

In fact, here’s one of the few moments during the week of the flood where he got to relax and feel like his life and home were back to normal, if even for only 20 minutes.Isn’t that the most adorable face?  See that spot of bubbles on his noggin?  He did that.  He-who-once-swam-in-the-tub-but-has-feared-having-his-head-immersed-since-he-turned-one…Calvin poured water and bubbles on his head and washed his hair.  All the while, he grinned and laughed, and I know he never wanted bath time to end.

It’s been another week of comforting my sweet son and getting back into our routine.

But, thanks for sticking with me.  Truly, y’all are the coolest readers!  The gift guide will only continue to shower the love and appreciation.

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