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For the Whole Family: BPA-Free Bottles

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide on Traveling with Baby.  From now until February 14th, you’ll find great Valentine’s gift ideas for the whole family.  You’ll even have the opportunity to win some of the products featured on the Gift Guide–isn’t that lovely?


Our year-round favorites for BPA-free water on-the-go are the stainless bottles from Camelbak.  These 12 oz. cuties are available in 6 styles for little hands.  The spill-proof design is easy on moms.  Yet, cleaning is a snap when the bite valve, and straw separate and can be used in the dishwasher.  The taste-free stainless means you can add a wedge of lemon to the water, and you won’t be sucking down metallic-tasting water three hours later.  That’s design genius for you! 

My son is in LOVE with the pirate design.  It is HIS cup…favorite by far.  My husband likes the insulated stainless (available in 0.50L) that keeps his cool water cool even after a full day of working outdoors.  I like the stainless bottle in the 0.75 L capacity–great for a busy day at the office.  The stainless better bottle is available in 5 styles.

Here’s a few other giveaways on the web that are just perfect for Valentine’s Day:

*I received product samples of Camelbak for the purpose of this review.  Read my full disclosure policy.
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2 Responses

  1. Some other great metal water bottles we’ve discovered while living in Germany are the Sigg brand http://www.sigg.com/ They’re made in Switzerland, but you can order online, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and have withstood the toddler drop test many times.

  2. I had no idea Camelbak did babies bottles. Great stuff!

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