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Ice & Fire

This weekend, we saw some pretty snow and ice.  This is the view from our backyard.

Here’s a close-up of one of the Dogwoods covered in snow.

Don’t you just love the contrast of the fluffy snow with the stunning blue sky?  The sky wasn’t quite so blue all weekend.  We did have another blizzard, after all.  In fact, most of the weekend the sky was impermeable gray with big chunks of white fluffy stuff falling everywhere and fast.

Our street looked like this:

Gray and white and black…the only color is the red brake light on that gray car.

The other side of our street perked up a bit with the blue skies on Sunday.

Just a bit.

Still a ton of ice on the trees and power lines.  We still have power, but heard that over 20,000 homes were without it…still.

To top it off, only 4 houses down from us, a brick house blazed on fire.  There were at least five fire engines, a ladder truck, paramedics, ambulance, police cars, and other red trucks with flashing lights.  Here’s the street view today…slight contrast from the weekend.

The ladder is raised on the ladder truck…can you see it between the trees?

Thankfully, none of the residents nor their dog were injured.  However, the house is probably toast…no pun intended.

Meanwhile, I was blocked in my driveway due to the massive fire hose lying in the middle of our street.  So, I couldn’t make it to the office for my afternoon patients.  They kindly rescheduled for tomorrow.

No civilian vehicles were allowed to travel in or out of our street for hours…the street is still barricaded almost 4 hours later.This is the view from our driveway…a little boy’s DREAM. Calvin and I walked up and down the street admiring the fire engines and waving to the firefighters who really liked his monkey hat.  Calvin even ran into Firefighter Steve whom he met when he toured the headquarters station last summer.

Word is we’re getting four to eight eight to twelve (ugh) more inches of snow tomorrow.  I’m kinda hoping and praying summer gets here STAT…that would be great!

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2 Responses

  1. I’m glad that there were no injuries in that fire! How scary for that family!!

    I do have to tell you, I’m jealous of all of that snow!!

    Stay warm!

    • There’s 4 male university students who live there, plus a dog. So, it stinks for the owners of the home, and I think it really stinks for the renters who were just starting this semester with classes. I couldn’t imagine losing books, papers…basically everything you need for college x4. At least they were safe.

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