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Look What I Found!

On my shopping list, I specifically added turn cuff socks and underwear for my son.  I’ve been doing laundry every other day due to mishaps involved with potty training…6 pair are NOT enough.

Unfortunately, I have been less than impressed with the durability of his other cotton underwear that were a gift…brands found in a local big box store.

While trying to figure out better options for durable and cute boy’s underwear, I saw a HUGE sign at our local Old Navy – Kids and Babies Sale! Perfect!  It was worth a look, anyway.

While scouring through the turn cuff socks, I scored a 10 pack of gray, navy, and white socks on sale for…get this…$10.

Then, I saw them.

The cutest little boy’s underwear featuring his favorite things: trucks and dinosaurs.

For $5.00 per set of 3.  I didn’t even realize how much they were discounted until I got home.  I’m heading back tomorrow to buy the next size.

So, when I got home and showed the new underwear to my husband, he immediately showed them to Calvin–who couldn’t wait to put them on and wanted to layer them over his existing pair.

Too bad I had to make him wait so I could wash them first.

After they were washed, I let him choose which pair he’d like to wear first.  He picked out the dinosaur pair in the center of the photo while simultaneously picking out the truck one on the upper left of the photo.

I made him narrow down his choice to one pair.  The dinos won.

We’ll see how they hold up over time compared to the big box store brands.

Get your own kids and baby goods while they last (Kids and Baby sale ends 2/18), or check online for year-round bargains for boys at Old Navy.

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*All items featured were purchased by me without compensation.

One Response

  1. What a deal!! I love Old Navy and constantly search out their bargains.

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