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Olympic Goals

I was flipping through an issue of Shape magazine while in the tub and came across an article titled “3 secrets to a happier life” written by gold medal winning Dominique Dawes. Interested, I read on to see how applicable they would be to my own life (I am, admittedly, less than Olympic material these days. Well, any day).

  1. Embrace Your Passions. A lesson I have learned and am continuing to learn over the years. I loved photography from a young age, but when I went to school I thought I needed a more practical degree. Now, 5 years after earning my Master’s in English I’ve embraced not only my love of literature but my fascination with face. I love people, and my work brings me in contact with them daily – I love it!
  2. Take Risks. This one I can certainly identify with. One year ago I was working for a large company, only marginally happy with my job. Today I’m a business owner, doing what I have a passion for. I work with my husband at my dream job as a photographer and have a beautiful 10 week old baby boy. Leaving my full time job was a risk, but it’s one I’m so grateful I was willing to take. Taking the leap has lead to so many blessings in the last year.
  3. Be Nice To Yourself. This is one I’m still working on. I am not naturally my own cheerleader and I tend to hold myself to difficult standards. I am trying to balance becoming a better person with admitting my flaws. With a newborn, I have found it difficult to be nice to myself since there are needs from a little one (and such a cute one!) almost always at hand. But Edward is helping me out with that – After all, I did have the inspiration for this article while enjoying a long soak in the tub.

Maybe I’m more like an Olympian that I thought!

YOUR TURN: What are your secrets to a happier life?

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