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For Her & Him: Cooking Up Love (Part I)

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide on Traveling with Baby.  Even though Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I still have a few great ideas and giveaways for the whole family that I want to share with you.  You’ll even have the opportunity to win some of the products featured on the Gift Guide–isn’t that lovely?  For every giveaway featured prior to February 13th, all drawings will still take place on February 14th.  However, all giveaways featured February 13th or later will have draw dates on February 28th.


Do you need ideas for preparing a romantic, home cooked meal?  First, let me tell you that I have been pouring over this creative and poetic cookbook ever since it arrived in my hot little hands.

I’ve got strawberries on the brain.  But, this cookbook helps get something else on the brain.  Note: this is not a family-friendly cookbook, but it is perfect for couples who want to remember that they are first and foremost, a couple–secondly, they are parents of small children. Sometimes, we need a reminder and a little inspiration…and the 10th anniversary edition of The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge is a valentine for couples everywhere who love and cherish food as well as one another.Every married couple who loves to cook would safeguard a cookbook treasure that entices you with sumptuous recipes that create a mood for love.  The New Intercourses Cookbook delivers and completely surpasses my expectations.

This playful cookbook covers 19 sensual foods, ranging from traditional favorites like oysters and strawberries to lesser-known but just as potent foods such as pine nuts and asparagus. Including histories of aphrodisiacs and uses of the featured foods, humorous and smoldering couples’ anecdotes, this beautiful and innovative cookbook features over 135 couple-tested recipes as well as edible massage oil recipes.

The photography is just gorgeous.  Beautiful foods are photographed in artful and provocative arrangements on human bodies.  There is nothing utterly inappropriate, however, if a bustier made entirely of pine nuts (and nothing else) is too steamy for the eyes in your home, then this may not be the choice cookbook for you.

While featuring some of my favorite foods, it opened my eyes to the lush and aphrodisiac nature of cooking for my husband, or preparing food together.  Most of the recipes are fairly simple with only a few ingredients.  Some of the more involved recipes include the baked artichoke and crab dip, grilled vietnamese gingered beef rolls, spicy ginger shrimp, and black bean shepherd’s pie with corn pudding.

By involved, I mean those recipes may require more ingredients, but not necessarily more time or high skill.  In fact, the beauty of this cookbook is in the attitude of cooking.  You’re invited to become emotionally engaged and creative throughout the process, and the end result isn’t always about gastronomic satisfaction.

Even if the goal is to prepare a romantic dinner for two, these recipes are sure to please at dinner parties or even adventurous family meals.  My little guy enjoyed the tomato basil soup paired with a grilled cheese panini.

You don’t have to spend a full day sweating in the kitchen–there are several simple recipes for main courses and desserts.  In fact, for Valentine’s Day, I’m making the thai chicken with peanut sauce followed by easy strawberry empanadas.  Easy. peasy.

With more snow on the way early next week, we’re going to settle in with the Mexican hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch.  There’s seasonal recipes, and ideas for pick-me-ups at any time of day.

This cookbook is my new go-to gift for my bridal friends entering wedded bliss since it’s bound to inspire many romantic cooking exploits.

Check out a few free sample recipes from the New Intercourses Cookbook online.  It retails for $29.95, and you can purchase this cookbook directly from Kitchen Kapers, the Intercourses shop, or Amazon.com.


We’re going to return to wellBEing weekends soon enough, but I wanted to share with you the health benefits of sex via WebMd.  It may surprise you to learn that aside from burning calories and relieving stress, having sex once or twice a week can also boost immunity, improve heart health, decrease cancer risks, increase self-esteem and intimacy, decrease pain, and improve sleep.

For more “Cooking up love” ideas, read part II of this post series.

Bon appétit!

*I received a sample from Terrace Partners for the purpose of this review.  Read my full disclosure policy.
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