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wellBEing weekends: learning by living

Welcome to a semi-weekly series on Traveling with Baby, wellBEing weekends.  Each weekend (Friday – Sunday), wellBEing weekends will feature health-related news, recipes, and fresh tips on wholesome health for your family’s well BE-ing.

This weekend, we’ll explore learning by living.  It’s the pioneering spirit that many families use to teach their children through the joys of everyday living.

I’ll share what works for our family, and why I think it’s a huge benefit to our son…but, I’d also love to hear from you!

YOUR TURN: I want to know…do you teach your child by example?  Do you involve your child in daily activities around the home?  Or, do you do most things for your child, and just want to wait until he’s older to get him involved?  What’s your approach?

For more on learning by living, read Whites or Brights? and Acquiring a Second Language.

3 Responses

  1. We are busy people and we all help out. My son is 4.5 and knows he has to do a few chores in the morning before we go to work/school and when we get home. He feeds the dog, puts his clothes away, fills the ferret water bottle, and helps pick up toys. Nothing too difficult, but important things. He knows he is an important part of keeping things running smoothly and he also knows when it’s time to play he won’t be interrupted to go do work.

    • Sounds like your son has a strong sense of purpose with his tasks, and that they don’t detract from him enjoying childhood. I love learning how other families incorporate learning/working/fun!

      DOLLY GARNECKI, DC president & clinic director | spinal health & wellness editor | traveling with baby

      ph: 434.566.0126 e-mail: drgarnecki@gmail.com [image: Linkedin] [image: Facebook][image: Twitter] [image: Blog RSS][image: Google] Latest on Traveling with Baby Whites or Brights?

  2. it is very good to hear that there are workshops for the family in every weekends. and it really helps a lot for a family for theme to have a good relationship with each member to the family and it helps the parents how to handle there kids correctly.

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