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DIY: Appliqued T-shirt for less than $8

This is the appliqued t-shirt I made for my niece for her fourth birthday.I heard that when my niece unwrapped it, immediately, she threw it over her head and pushed her arms through the sleeves.  Then, she pranced around the room showing off her cool new shirt to everyone.  Sounds like it was a big birthday hit.

While I was working on it, Calvin called it, Libby’s birthday shirt (FYI, her name is Livia…Livy, for short).  He liked it so much that he wanted to put it on when it was done.

Guess I’ll have to make one for him, since he’s really into dragonflies and all…they’re one of the few bugs that don’t make him scared, according to the boy. Pill bugs are on the scary list.  But, he did pick one up and let it outside for me…once.

This post isn’t an appliqued t-shirt tutorial, but I’m happy to create one if there’s enough interest (ahem, specific requests by comments and e-mail, if you get what I’m sayin’).

I used an organic cotton shirt on sale at a local box store.  I found the cute green cotton print with dragonflies on clearance at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.  The dragonfly pattern was from an online free coloring book link.  The only other additions included 2 white sequins and 2 clear beads for the eyes, and matching lime green thread.  So simple that if you have basic sewing skills (my skills do not range above basic), that you could make this, too.

Since I’ve been feeling rather crafty lately, I’ve decided to make my own quilted cards thanks to Dana’s tutorial at Made.  Then, I just purchased a pattern for a boy’s bow tie from Crab Apple Attic on Etsy–can’t wait to whip one together for Calvin just in time for Easter!

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