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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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About the Editor:

Dr. Dolly A. Garnecki is a licensed chiropractor practicing in central Virginia.  By day, she is the President and Director of a health care practice–working with patients of all ages to optimize health and wellness with the added specialty of scoliosis treatment.  At night, she blogs at Traveling with Baby and freelances.

She has earned a B.A. in Psychology, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic.  In the near future, she plans to earn a Certification in Pediatrics.  Dr. Dolly enjoys hiking and camping in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains with her husband Steve (married: 9/3/2000) and son Calvin (10/30/2007).  You’ll often find her immersed in books and articles on health and nutrition.

One day, she and her husband plan to provide health care to orphans in third-world countries through regular short-term stints.  In the interim, she enjoys reading and coloring with her son and racing toy cars.

She was a published author by age 17 for an independent research study on pulmonary and exercise physiology–since then, she’s written articles for Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida’s student newspaper, the Palmer Triune (as a senior staff writer),  Command Magazine, and the Tinker Take-Off.  She was interviewed and featured in Your Mother Wears Combat Boots: Humorous, Harrowing and Heartwarming Stories of Military Women by Michele Hunter Mirabile, published in November 2007.  Most notably, Dr. Dolly co-authored a case study* on cerebral palsy and urinary incontinence that was published in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Traveling with Baby was launched in May 2007…fresh on the heels of Dr. Dolly’s graduate school blog chronicles: Chropractic Perspectives.  Since she became a “Mom Blogger,”  Dr. Dolly also blogged for a brief period at Deep South Moms.

She’s often asked for her expert opinion on back health-related articles including a Backpack Basics piece for the September 2009 issue of Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine.  Currently, she writes a health column in Forward / Adelante: Virginia’s First Bilingual Business Journal.

About this Blog:

Traveling with Baby shares the journey of early motherhood’s joys and challenges.  Content focuses on new and expecting moms, as well as eco-savvy and health-conscientious parents.  Commentary is provided on health topics, travel tips with little ones in tow, natural and intentional parenting, product reviews, and freebies.

  • Technorati, a popular blog directory service, ranks Traveling with Baby among the top 0.2% of all blogs.
  • Alexa, an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet, ranks Traveling with Baby among the top 5.47% of all websites.
  • Traveling with Baby earned top marks of 97% with Website grader (September, 2009).

Regular Columns

Tuesday Travels: Day trips, field trips, travel tips, and more–all with families and young children in mind.

Wordless Wednesday: Life captured by photos.

WellBEing Weekends (Fridays-Sundays): A weekly series featuring health-related news, recipes, and fresh tips on wholesome health for living well for the entire family. Frequently, you will see product reviews and giveaways related to healthy-living.

3 Responses

  1. Dolly,
    Greg and Jonah and I are praying for you and Steve and baby Garnecki. I’m so proud of you! You’re doing so well w/ the traveling AND your Preceptorship.

    You look SO beautiful!!! I love your pics and that you’re taking pics every week in your last 2 months. You look great in the chocolate floral maternity blouse I lent you. I never got to wear it w/ the khaki’s b/c they weren’t altered until too late. Glad we have the same leg length. I’m glad I can finally read your pregnancy blog. I’ll get back to reading your chiro perspectives one later.

    Take care and keep it up. Your baby will appreciate all that you’re doing for him/her. Have you read much on breastfeeding? I recommend A Nursing Mother’s Companion by Huggins. It’s been revised like 10 times. I got a lot of great info from it, including sleep feed wake schedules. Another book is by Ezzo and Ezzo, Along the Infant Way. We borrowed it and The Happiest Baby on the Block from friends and they’re totally opposite in the latter talks about caveman babies and evolution, but the 5 “S”‘s are key: swaddle, side-laying, swinging, shooshing, and sucking. Also, Jonah doesn’t take the orthodontic paci yet, but the avent one that comes in the newborn kit (I know it’s plastic bottles) is more straight out and simulates the gumidrop.com one that he got in the hospital and was the best one. Of all the other pacis that ppl gave us, the others wouldn’t stay in his mouth. The nuk ortho paci will probably work better once he gets teeth. I think we’ll try your teether feeder by Sassy. It seems a bit more sanitary than the munchkin one, but what can we put in it? Can’t use any foods till 4 mos. and ice is too cold. He only likes the teether ring when it’s a bit cooler than room temp, not refridgerated at 34 degrees F.

    I’m enjoying seeing what you’ve registered for and hearing about how you’re doing. You’re a great blogger. I never could keep up. Maybe I’ll find one that posts faster so I can actually spend less than 1 hour to post 3 photos and some text. Jonah doesn’t let me type on the PC that long, that’s why I’m typing now while he’s asleep. hopefully he’ll sleep all through the night like he did last night. If not, 10.5 hours isn’t bad.

    Miss you! Can’t wait to see all 3 of you at Thanksgiving at Mom’s. You’re so gorgeous and fit! I’m jealous!! I love you, Dolly! Take care and tell Steve to love on you LOTS in word and deed!


  2. So many accomplishments!

  3. Hi Dolly!

    I just found your blog and wanted to say hello and congratulations on your little guy! I am a mom of boys too, love ’em!

    I am a new blogger here in Charlottesville and think we will have some good overlap. Look forward to blogging with you!

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