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Site Re-Launch!

I’ve been waiting for this day for over a year now.  I’m graduating this blog from a wordpress.com site to its own self-hosted site.  Yay!

It’s a beautiful thing.  I mean, sure, there’s a little awkwardness from the changeover that I’m still cleaning up, but for the most part, it’s pretty exciting!

Please go to http://www.travelingwithbaby.net where you’ll find all the archived posts from this site, plus more.
traveling with baby blogSee ya over there!

Get Funny…Fast! Interview with Jan McInnis

Comedy is like shaping a successful blog: work hard, act professionally, and be consistent.  Over time, you’ll build up momentum and gain a following.  Of course, writing comedy is like writing a great blog post–it takes practice.

I recently read Finding The Funny Fast: How to Create Quick Humor to Connect with Clients, Coworkers and Crowds by comedienne Jan McInnis.

I love how this 126 page read provides numerous techniques and examples for helping anyone who does writing or public speaking find the funny . . . quickly!

I have several health talks this spring for new moms, and I’m excited to use the tools I learned from this book to make my presentations more memorable. After reading this book, I found myself more aware of funny in the everyday. . . and I laugh more often.  Laughter is the best medicine, after all!  Truly, I’ve found more opportunities to make my patients and my audience laugh.


Meet Jan McInnis, a Virginia-native who now resides in California, who turned from a career as a marketing director to become a stand-up comedienne.  Her jokes have been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she’s opened for Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live fame.  Yet, Ms. McInnis built her comedy career in conventions.  I’d like to see her perform a keynote address for a blog conference!

Ms. McInnis wasn’t always considered funny by her peers.  At her high school reunion, most of her former classmates were completely astounded that she became a comedienne.  She followed her heart and worked hard to create a career that she loves.  Truly, I think those components are indeed the secret to success.

Jan McInnis, “The Work Lady” and author of Finding the Funny Fast

When I started out, my marketing materials were better than my act.  Luckily, I worked hard, and my act caught up. But more than that, I had many club owners say how they liked working with me because I was so professional.

TwB: Your book, Finding the Funny Fast contains a ton of tips and suggestions for developing comedic writing and delivery for anyone who wants to prevent an audience from snoring.

Specifically, how can your book help writers and bloggers improve their post content for their readers?

McInnis: I think the idea for most blogs, and many writers, is that they want fresh material, AND they want people to read it and return. My book tells you how to make your speech or written document fresh by including quick, on-the-spot humor. A lot of blog advice says to connect you blog to current events that are happening now, since I’ve written for radio for 10 years, I know how to step you through topical humor. Humor also keeps people engaged in what you have to say, so that they read it and come back.

TwB: I love that on page 10, you diffuse the common reason people provide “for not even trying to spice up their communications with some laughs,” with your personal story about a career switch to comedy after 15 years working as a marketing director. In fact, your book gives a lot of “formulas” for funny.

What response have you received from readers who transformed from “used to not be funny” to now communicating funny after reading your book?

McInnis: I’ve gotten very nice comments from people. . everyone from professional speakers to comics saying that they like that the book is conversational and that I’ve simply and easily explained the steps to writing humor in an understandable way, so they’ve been able to actually use the ideas. One guy said it motivated [himself] to try to add quick humor into his presentations because he realizes just how much he’s been missing over the years by not doing it.

TwB: What event or desire encouraged you to switch careers from marketing to comedy?

McInnis:Well, I always wanted to be a comedian, since I was a kid. But there was no “entertainment” gene in my family (i.e. no one “gave me permission”) which is what I guess I thought was supposed to happen. Someone was supposed to walk up to you and say, go ahead and become a comic. So I didn’t, until I was in my 30’s and realized that I can at least TRY it.

Actually I went on stage once during the 80’s and the comedy boom. I did really well, but was so freaked out by the bright lights and not being able to see that I didn’t try again for 7 or 8 years. I missed the boom, and was in my 30’s before trying it again. But, I finally decided that I should try it one last time. I went onstage at an open mike, did really well.  I was hired to open for Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live. I knew then that I was going to do this for life, however I didn’t leave my “day job” for another 2.5 years. When I did leave, it was at a time when I’d finally just had it with my boss and didn’t want to continue with the company.  So, I figured I needed to look for another job in the industry or try comedy full-time. It was a no-brainer. . .I’d been on stage pretty much every weekend and almost every night in those 2.5 years, and had built up a lot of contacts, so I just did it.

TwB: How has your marketing background helped you develop your career as a comedy writer/speaker?

McInnis: When I started out, my marketing materials were better than my act.  Luckily, I worked hard, and my act caught up. But more than that, I had many club owners say how they liked working with me because I was so professional. They have many choices, and I’m sure I wasn’t the funniest, but they knew I’d show up.  They knew I wouldn’t drink up the bar, and that I’d do my time (i.e. not run long and go an extra 20 minutes). That professionalism really helped me out. And I really did have good marketing materials, well written letters and I was polite on the phone.

TwB: You’ve carved out a successful niche for yourself with clean comedy at conventions and seminars. How did you decide to develop a reputation as a “clean” comedienne?

McInnis: Well, I did write clean humor so I could qualify for convention shows, but it also goes back to what I really believe: In my keynotes where I teach people about using humor for business, I always say in the end that you must be true to yourself. You must do the comedy that appeals to you. Of course for business purposes, it HAS to be clean, but if you really, really can’t do clean humor, then don’t do it – find a venue where you can do the your type of humor. There are plenty of well known, successful comedians who have racier material than me.  They are true to themselves and have found their place. I’ve worked with ventriloquists, magicians and even mimes.  Yes, there are people doing all sorts of humor because that’s what resonates with them.

TwB: How did you break into speaking at seminars and conventions?

McInnis: I started out as a marketing person for 15 years in a “regular” day job, and I had hired entertainers for events, so I knew there was a market. Many comics didn’t/don’t even know this exists as an option. So when I went into the comedy clubs, my goal was to build an act that would appeal to this audience. Then it was just making contacts, making contacts, making contacts and also letting people know what you want, along with a little luck. A funny story, I got in partly because I worked with a comic who did me really wrong in a club (long story), and when I ran into him on the road the next month, I gave him a LOT of grief. . . he felt so bad, and he knew that I wanted to get into the convention market, that he hooked me up with his friend who was a comic performing in the convention arena, Frank King. I made the connection with Frank, and through a series of events, Frank ended up helping me out quite a bit to get into this market. I’m still friends with the comic who did me wrong, and we’ve laughed about how his mistake has made me a lot of money.

TwB: You’ve got a “knack” for writing comedy, fast, for any seminar or convention topic, but what in day-to-day life inspires you? What makes YOU laugh?

McInnis: I really laugh at the everyday stuff and the ironies that are all around us. My brother and sisters and I, as well as my friends are sarcastic in a nice way.   We love pointing out funny things and making cracks about the day-to-day stuff that happens that you just can’t make up.

TwB: After reading Finding the Funny Fast, where can readers turn for more information and inspiration on communicating with comedy?

McInnis: Funny you should ask. I’ve started a comedy writing blog, titled appropriately www.ComedyWritingBlog.com where I share tips on writing. That’s a great place to start. But for comedy inspiration, just look around you and start to notice the funny things that are going on.  Soon, you won’t be able to turn the inspiration off!

TwB: What books are on your nightstand, now?

McInnis: I like a lot of, not sure what you’d call it – inspiration books. . . though that doesn’t really sound like the right category to put them in. Think and Grow Rich is great, as well as Key to Yourself. Both written many moons ago, but the principles of the law of attraction are the same. After that first open mike in which the club owner hired me, and I decided in that moment that I was going to do this for my living, then doors just flew open. It really was amazing how fast things fell into place when I was focused and determined. And it still happens today quite frequently. My favorite saying is that things usually work out better than you expected–so far that’s been true. So, I really believe in the law of attraction. Okay, I also like cheesy murder mysteries–fiction and non-fiction. You’ve got to zone out of the real world occasionally.

TwB: I understand you are available as a speaker for seminars and conventions. What type of groups usually appreciate your humor the most, and why?

McInnis:I’ve done a ton of health care groups because it think health care “gets it.” They deal with tough issues day in and day out and they understand that you need to laugh in order to stay sane. I’ve done my keynote Finding the Funny in Change for a lot of them.  It includes my comedy, but it also has some great tips on dealing with change that I learned from leaving my day job and going into comedy. I also do a lot of financial groups and educational groups.  With my keynote Finding the Funny in Communications, I’m able to pass on tips to them on how to inject humor into written and verbal communications so you connect with clients, sell a product, keep people engaged, and be memorable. And of course I’ve done tons of women’s events, even though my act hits well for both men and women.  But, women love to laugh so I love being in front of them! With that said, I’ve done programs for pretty much every group you can imagine: mushroom growers to alfalfa seed growers, Pep Boys, the Federal Reserve, and IT people. You name it, there’s an association for EVERYONE.

TwB: Where can readers find your speaking availability schedule?

McInnis: Generally, you can go to my website www.TheWorkLady.com, and you can always send me an email at Jan@TheWorkLady.com, if you have questions. I do a lot of work humor, so I go by The Work Lady which is why that’s my website.  Plus, no one can spell McInnis, so I had to use something else!

TwB: Where can readers purchase your book, Finding the Funny Fast?

McInnis: On my website www.TheWorkLady.com or through Amazon, although you save a buck or two by going to my website.

Note: I received a copy of Finding the Funny Fast for the purposes of this review and interview.  Read my full disclosure.

I’m a Juicy Insider

Fresh squeezed orange juice at the peak of the season in winter is crisp and sweet with slightly tangy undertones.  Have you ever had fresh squeezed orange juice from sugar red navel oranges or honeybells?  It is a delight for the taste buds that every citrus lover must experience at least once.

Some of you may know that I lived in Florida for seven years.  Florida’s farmer’s markets share fresh squeezed orange juice with customers on a weekly basis.  Divine!

Although fresh-squeezed orange juice is harder to find outside of Florida (and California), Tropicana does a pretty good job to bring fresh flavors from the orange groves to the shelves of the local grocers.  It’s one of our household staples for creating rich and fruity smoothies, preventing apple wedges from oxidizing, and marinating chicken.

Besides creating great OJ, Tropicana has an exciting new rewards program–there’s over 20,000 ways to save money on running shoes, golf, massage therapy, and admission to the zoo, and even admission to Charlottesville’s own Ashlawn-Highland.  I’m excited to be a Juicy Insider in this new program!

One carton of Tropicana saves you $15.  Do the math, and three cartons save you $45.  That’s a month’s worth of family activities in savings!

If you’re more eco-savvy than day-trip happy, you can donate your points toward Rainforest Rescue.  For every 3 points you donate, 100 square feet of Rainforest are rescued.

According to the Tropicana Juicy Rewards website, 4,456,566 square feet of rainforest were saved through the Tropicana Juicy Rewards Program (and partnership with Cool Earth) to date.

Join the Juicy Rewards Program and start saving today.  It’s easy and free to sign-up.  Pssst.  Here’s a little secret.  Use the following code immediately after registering to receive 1 free point right from the start!   MOMCE-NTRAL*

This weekend, I’m using 1 point to get two for one admission into the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with Calvin’s grandparents.  What will you do with your points?

I wrote this review while participating in the Tropicana Juicy Insiders Ambassador program by Mom Central on behalf of Tropicana. I received 12 free Juicy Rewards points and a $50 Visa gift card to use in redemption of the points and to facilitate my review.


We’re changing things at Traveling with Baby.  You may have already noticed there’s new features, interviews, and a new writer.  It’s spring, and fresh changes are in order…and we’re excited!

Recently, I received a concerned tweet from a long-time friend who wanted to know why I hadn’t told her I had another baby.

Nope. Not another adorable baby boy for me, but sweet little Lucien belongs to Elisa B., a professional wedding photographer and mom to that cute baby boy.  Elisa’s interviewing pregnant moms and sharing their stories each month.

Want to hear about the latest and greatest for everything pregnancy and baby related…Elisa’s got that beat covered.

You’ll hear from me about adventures with raising a toddler and soon to be preschooler, plus other mom-focused interests and health and wellness features.

There’s one more thing…

Beginning in April, Traveling with Baby will have a monthly focus!  Each month, posts, reviews, and giveaways will tend to revolve around a central theme.  Sure, you’ll still hear about our take on motherhood, efficient and safe travel and on-the-go tips for parents with little ones, and we’ll still have a focus on natural and intentional parenting plus wellness, but we’ll have a monthly game plan to pull it all together.

Elisa and I are so excited about these changes, and we hope you will be, too!  By May, you’ll also so a fresh new look when Traveling with Baby switches over to a self-hosted site.  Yay!

Stay tuned for April…when we feature Everything Baby!

Goals for 2010

It’s taken me a few weeks to think through and prioritize my goals for 2010, but I finally did it.

I wrote out categories for various aspects of my life (spiritual, physical, family, business, etc.) and in each category, I wrote out attainable, measurable goals.

Would you like to read a few of them?

Transition to a self-hosted blog

I’ve got some exciting ideas for this blog.  Something I’ve put off for far too long is to have it self-hosted…meaning I’ll have to switch it over to another template (that’s the big hold-up).  My blogging goal is to make the switch this year…it only opens up more possibilities for sharing greater content with you!

Increase my daily core exercise and weekly running.

It’s easy to improve on my running goal since I’m averaging zero runs per week.  I can only increase from there…just as soon as the temperatures get above 40 degrees.  Running in freezing weather?  Unsafe and ridiculous!  My goal is to do my core strengthening exercises (right here on my living room floor with my son by my side) a minimum of once a day, 4 days per week.

Once it’s a little warmer, I’d like to run twice a week.  I’d also like to enter and complete a 5k by this fall…by then I’ll have time to train and commit!  Anyone know of a great local fall race that isn’t on Labor Day (my wedding anniversary) weekend?

Focus on the moment…and be content

Too often I find myself thinking about the fifty million other things that I COULD SHOULD be doing when I’m doing something else.  If my son wants me to read him a story, I’m thinking about the pile of dishes that just have to get done.  The same is true for work, and I regret not taking my son to the playground at that very moment while the sun is shining.

Whatever I’m doing, I’m going to focus and be completely intentional and present in that moment, and not wish I was doing something else with my time.

Read More

I do a lot of online reading, but not as much page-turning.  There is so much I want to learn and absorb about the latest in health and chiropractic, I’d love to learn how to home school in Virginia, and I want to grow in my wisdom and understanding of God and his ultimate instruction book, the Bible.

My goal is to read, study, and meditate through 4 books or epistles of the Bible with at least 1 or 2 commentaries.  I’m starting with John Calvin’s New Testament Commentaries on Corinthians.

YOUR TURN: Would you like to join me?  What are your goals or resolutions for 2010?  I’d love to hear about them!

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In a Glossy Magazine…That’s Big Time, Baby!

Oooh!  This is SO exciting.  Traveling with Baby was featured in this month’s issue of Albemarle Family Living.  You can visit my post on scoliosisdoc.com where I linked to the full online issue (that’s free to read).

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Social Media…Live in CVille

I love blogging, connecting on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.  I can do a LOT of writing, marketing, and correspondence in the comfort of my home.  I don’t always have to wear business attire nor have my hair brushed when I’m working from behind the computer screen.

Yet, I must be around other people…that’s what I do.  Other than sharing about the love of motherhood, green parenting, and alternative health with you, I also regularly care for patients.  While growing my blog and my practice, I do make it a point to attend some sort of local networking or marketing event at least once a week.

The benefit of meeting others in person is tremendous.  I can see the smiles and personality behind the tweets, Facebook updates, and blog posts.  It’s also a great opportunity to build partnerships for guest posts, sharing blog growth ideas, and best practices for social media.  Aside from all that social media talk, it’s fun to get to know my favorite bloggers’ and tweeters’ favorite activities, what their kids are doing, what their voices sound like.

social media club logoWe’re fortunate in Charlottesville that a group of forward-thinking people (as social media folks tend to be) started a local Social Media Club.

Once a month, locals emerge from behind their computer screens to mix and mingle, listen to guest speakers, and share ideas on social media.

Social Media Club Fall Social at the Horse and Hound Gastropub in Cville

Social Media Club Fall Social at the Horse and Hound Gastropub in Cville

Last night, my dear friend Elisa and I attended the fall social held at the Horse and Hound GastropubCharlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO) sponsored the occasion with wine, beer, candy corns, and Halloween-themed jelly bellies.  There was also great CHO swag: luggage tags, neoprene luggage handle covers, and super cool mousepads with the CHO logo, plus “fly local…and blog about it.” Oh yes, that is what I call effective, targeted marketing!

If you’re a fan of great aviation-themed tweets and posts, check out Where’s Barb? by CHO’s own Executive Director Barbara Hutchinson (@bhutchinson).

social media club1

In the photo above, Todd Wickersty (@BusinessBullpen)  of Business Bullpen shares announcements with the Social Media Club Charlottesville members about next month’s meeting and guest speaker Marijean Jaggers (@marijean) of Standing Partnership and StLWorkingMom.  MJ’s gonna speak on Six Ways to Build Your Biz with Social Media.  I’m definitely going to be there!

social media club2 In the photo on the left, Elisa is smiling after making silly faces for my Samsung camera phone (because someone left her Canon memory card in the computer at home).

Besides this sweet social media club, Elisa, Jennifer of Events with Panache, and I thought we’d get together and start up a women’s blogging group to help each other launch and improve personal or business blogs, and foster incredible business women friendships.

In September, SheBlogs was born from a coffee shop meeting of three gals.  In October, our attendance doubled to six where we presented a few learning topics then quickly decided to plan a workshop meeting for November.

If you’re a local blogger, join us on the first Wednesday of the month from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.  On November 4th, we’re meeting at Open Space, and children are welcome and even encouraged.

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