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Call, Fight, Win for Chiropractic in Virginia

This is a healthy, wholesome parenting blog…for moms.  So, it’s not a huge deviation from standard post content when I share about urgent political action that affects patients’ choice of health care providers.

By tomorrow morning, the Virginia House of Delegates will meet to discuss HB153 while the Virginia Senate will discuss SB195 tomorrow afternoon.

If these bills pass “as is” it will adversely affect medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, doctors of chiropractic, and patients.

You might be thinking…

What’s the deal?  How do those bills affect me?

NOTE: If you live in Virginia, and you use health care, these bills will affect you.

To sum up why it’s important to oppose these bills, I’m referencing talking points from an e-mail sent to members of the United Virginia Chiropractic Association earlier this evening:

HC 153 and identical SB 195 make it illegal for any person other than a licensed physical therapist (or PT assistant or technician) to advertise or promote services as “physical therapy” or “physiotherapy.”

These bills attempt to restrict or eliminate a doctor of chiropractic’s legally authorized right to provide physical therapy to patients.

These bills are ANTI-COMPETITIVE. They would prevent chiropractors and medical doctors from advertising that they offer physical therapy… services legally within their scope of practice.

HB 153 and SB 195 are CONTRARY TO SOUND MEDICAL CARE. They would prevent medical doctors or doctors of chiropractic from recommending patients receive physical therapy services from them (since they are not licensed as a physical therapist).

These bills are a BACKDOOR ATTEMPT TO RESTRICT OR PREVENT CHIROPRACTORS FORM PROVIDING PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICES. Doctors of chiropractic are legally authorized and clinically trained to provide physical therapy services and physical therapy modalities.

HB 153 and SB 15 are NOT NEEDED.  Anytime a chiropractor or other physician (including MDs) advertises physical services, their advertisement includes the type of health profession in which they are licensed.


Only a licensed physical therapist may use the term “physical therapist.” However, “PHYSICAL THERAPY” or “PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICES” ARE GENERIC TERMS also used by chiropractors and other physicians in referring to their offering physical medicine and rehabilitation services to their patients.  When insurance plans note their policies cover physical therapy that includes physical therapy services of a chiropractor, MD and physical therapist.

A Virginia Attorney General opinion has confirmed that Virginia licensed doctors of chiropractic are legally authorized and may provide physical therapy, physical therapy services, and physical therapy modality.



So, you might be asking yourself, “How can I help?”

If you’re a Virginia resident, please call the senate and house subcommittee members tonight, and leave a voice message.  Please join me in taking a stand to oppose this bill.

There’s plenty of room left on their answering machines…so, please call!  I know it’s unnerving, but your voice DOES matter!

SENATE Education and Health Sub-Committee on HEALTH LICENSING


1.       Senator Frederick M. Quayle (R) – Senate District 13, Suffolk, (804)698-7513, district13@senate.virginia.gov

2.       Senator L. Louise Lucas (D) – Senate District 18, Portsmouth, (804)698-7518, district18@senate.virginia.gov

3.       Senator Stephen H. Martin (R) – Senate District 11, Chesterfield, (804)698-7511,  district11@senate.virginia.gov

4.       Senator George L. Barker (D) – Senate District 39, Alexandria, (804) 698-7539, district39@senate.virginia.gov

5.       Senator Ralph S. Northam (D) – Senate District 6, Norfolk, (804)698-7506, district06@senate.virginia.gov

HOUSE HWI Sub Committee #1


1.       Delegate David A. Nutter (R) – House District 7, Christiansburg, (804)698-1007, DelDNutter@house.virginia.gov

2.       Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R) – House District 97, Mechanicsville, (804)698-1097, DelCPeace@house.virginia.gov

3.       Delegate Richard P. Bell (R) – House District 20, Staunton, (804)698-1020, DelDBell@house.virginia.gov

4.       Delegate Lionell Spruill, Sr. (D) – House District 77, Chesapeake, (804)698-1077,   DelLSpruill@house.virginia.gov

5.       Delegate Algie T. Howell, Jr. (D) – House District 90, Norfolk, (804)698-1090, DelAHowell@house.virginia.gov

Read Copies of the Bills

1.       Go to http://legis.virginia.gov/

2.       In box on left, enter the desired bill number.

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Ear Infections: Hear Your Other Options

health happy round-upWelcome to a weekly series on Traveling with Baby, Health Happy Round-Up which focuses on multiple aspects of wholesome living and optimal health for the entire family.  Each weekend, Traveling with Baby will share some insightful news, recipes, and tips to help you consider fresh new perspectives on wholesome and happy health.

I get a lot of questions from moms who are looking for alternatives to antibiotics to help their babies or children suffering from ear infections.  Many of them are surprised to learn about the benefits of gentle pediatric chiropractic care that often help children’s ear infections resolve.

Are Antibioitics the Answer?

This is just one of many studies that indicate the ineffectiveness of antibiotics for ear infections (not only do they damage gut flora, but they don’t necessarily work for their prescribed purpose!)  Here’s another that indicates antibiotics only have a short-term, and non-lasting effect.  Doctors prescriptions for antibiotics for middle ear infections is so rampant and automatic.  Here’s a study that suggests doctors cease defaulting to the antibiotics prescription…STAT.  When specifically testing amoxicillin, a study found no difference in the drug compared to a placebo, thereby claiming amoxicillin is ultimately ineffective for treating ear infections.

listening edit

Alternatives to Drugs for Ear Infections

Instead of antibiotics, many doctors are encouraging parents to “watch and wait” instead.  Read more from WebMD.  Also, check out this health article on CBS where chiropractors teach young children to fight against ear infections.

As for medicated ear drops, there was a study that found that a naturopathic ear drop was just as effective as the medicated ear drops, minus the side effects of the medications.  This study followed 103 test subjects between the ages of 6 to 18 years of age.  After 3 days of receiving the Naturopathic drops compared to the group receiving the medicated drops, both groups reported the same decrease in perceived ear pain.

Here’s a great article on holistic approaches to ear infections by Lawrence Pavelsky, M.D.  I like that he helps parents differentiate between an ear ache and an ear infection, he describes how ear infections develop, and he discusses alternative methods of treatment that won’t leave your child’s gut blanched from the beneficial bacteria killed off by anti-biotics.

I encourage you to find a chiropractic physician in your area who will support your choice for health care.  Check out the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, today!

Your Turn:

What about you?  Has your child suffered from an ear infection?  What treatment methods have you tried?  What did you like or dislike about the treatments you tried?

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Chilly in Philly

We had a fun family vacation in Philly.  We didn’t really go for a vacation, but that’s what it felt like . . . a sweet hotel room for the 3 of us.  Calvin crashed out in his travel bassinet after a long day in the car and running around with us at Ikea.  We stopped at Ikea first for the fun of looking around and getting decor ideas for our future custom-built home (a few years away!).  Calvin faced out in the baby bjorn and loved the fact that the store was quiet and filled with lots of bright lights to captivate his attention.

We liked the cafeteria. . . decent food for a very reasonable price.  Steve launched into prime rib, I had chicken marsala, and we shared a greek salad and savored our own swedish apple tortes.

Once we got to our hotel, we wanted to give Calvin a chance to swim in an actual pool where it was deep enough for him to hold on to us and swim on his belly.  Too bad they kept the pool temperature at a pretty chilly level.  He didn’t like it one bit…although he did push off the side of the pool and kick for a bit.  He was just plumb worn out . . . so we got him to bed in a jiffy.  Hopefully we can find a warmer pool for him to try out before he gets too big!

Philly was cold. . . FREEZING, in fact, but there was no snow on the ground.  Nope, that’s reserved for those of us in northeastern PA.  Well, at least I got away from the snow and ice for a couple of days.

Calvin did so well on our trip.  He woke up and was totally content for most of the day while we attended a chiropractic seminar.  The worst part was getting him to finally settle down for a nap, but Steve worked magic as super dad.

We got home pretty late Saturday night, even though he slept the entire road trip home (3 hours).  I fed him then got him to bed immediately.  He pulled a 6 hour and 5 hour stretch between feedings. . . . good, but he’s done longer.  Please oh please sleep longer tonight!  Speaking of . . . I’d better get to bed before little guy wakes up.

Misadventures, and then some

Calvin has traveled to numerous states in the past week and a half resulting in 1 auto accident, a trolley ride, and lots of oohs and ahhs by strangers (a lucky few got to hold him!).

On Monday the 14th, Calvin & I were in his Aunt Vicky’s van with her 3 daughters traveling to New York to do some shopping.  On our way home in the early evening, the snow began to fall pretty hard.  We were on a back road and the plow hadn’t yet made its way down our side of the road.  In fact, it had just passed us on the opposite direction when, in Vicky’s exact words, “it’s like something hit the @$$ of the van and made it veer sideways.”  The van had hit an especially slippery patch of ice.  And, even though she was driving 15 m.p.h less than the speed limit, it was still fast enough to cause loss of control.  In order to stop, we had to hit something–according to Newton’s first law of physics.  It’s just a matter of whether it was going to be the pick-up truck on the opposite side of the road that had come to a standstill, or whether it was the trees or the ditch on the other side of the road.

We hit the truck.  And, instead of reliving all of the details of the accident, I’ll just summarize a few things.  I remember feeling absolute dread that as brief as Calvin’s life has been thus far, it could have been over in an instant, and I would have only known him 2 1/2 months.  That thought just filled me with panic, then sorrow, and finally relief that he was in fact, still alive.  In fact, the 2 youngest fared no injuries thanks to their super safe and secure car seats.  Everyone else had whiplash, bruises, cuts, and of course the nasty seat belt burns.  But, those car seats and seat belts did their job!

Lesson learned from the previous car accident (hit and run) in which I suffered severe whiplash which inevitably led to my medical disqualification from flying my last few months of active duty in the military–instead of waiting several months to see a chiropractor (which only caused increased scar tissue and inflammation), I got checked by a DC less than 24 hours after the accident.

Whiplash SUCKS!  But, thanks to ICE, acupuncture, chiropractic, and spinal rehab exercises, I know I’m on the mend MUCH faster than when I was in an accident 7 years ago (and I was younger then!).  It’s frustrating that the beautiful curve I’ve restored to my neck is now shot.  I have to start over from square one to rehydrate the discs and restore neck curve and a more stable posture.  But, the encouragement this time is that I KNOW it’s possible to heal and to recover.  In fact, I can get a much quicker head start on things.

As for Calvin, my DC colleague checked him, too since I was still too rattled/sore/out of it to properly do it myself.  Calvin is absolutely fine and the accident didn’t affect him at all (maybe just a little on the emotional level).

Only a few days following that event, we drove to Charlottesville, Virginia to scope it out as a prospective place to live and start-up a practice.  Calvin was really hating the car seat as we approached 9 hours of drive time (6 hour road trip lengthens considerably with a baby and a major snowstorm).  At one point, the road was so snow/ice covered, we had to turn around and back track to the interstate and take a different route . . . adding another hour to our trip.  That really sucked.

We trudged around on foot for an hour or so on unshoveled sidewalks in downtown Charlottesville.  But by Friday, everything had melted and it was a lovely day. . . perfect for walking and checking out the pedestrian mall.

We’re traveling back to Lewisburg PA this Friday to give it another look.  We still have to compare the 2 locations with the whole pros/cons thing.  I’m personally leaning heavily toward Charlottesville.  I must say that I fell in love with it and found it so similar to Austin (my favorite city in the United States), but on a smaller level.  Ultimately, it’s up to God and where He directs us to move.