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The Most Unwonderful Time of the Year…for Traveling

j0438374On December 17th at 5 AM, we set out for a long trek across the country with our one-year old in tow.  God bless the flight attendants who were willing to hold our dear one and prevent him from continuing to yell out of sheer boredom.  Steve and I were just plumb tuckered out from waking up at 3 AM, and our little guy didn’t fall asleep until the last hour of the 5 hour flight across country.  Gee thanks, buddy.

We ended up with an “internet special” on airfare, purchased kindly by the relatives who hosted us for holiday fêtes.  That special meant that we would end up traveling on 4 different airlines round-trip and that we’d encounter 6AM departures on the initial leg of travel each day.  That “special” also meant we’d hop from multiple cities on the way home without even a hope of a direct flight home.

But, it’s for Christmas!  We could deal with anything . . . even weather delays . . . right?

After traveling to the northwest multiple times and encountering traveling woes on each trip, you’d think I would have learned my lesson by now.

Slight annoyance, but not a deal-killer was the U.S. Airways policy to charge for EVERYTHING on the 5-hour cross-country flight.  Want water?  Expect to pay $2 for an itty-bitty bottle.  Didn’t get your water at the airport before your connecting gate?  Tough luck, better have cash on hand to shell it out for the precious H2O on board!  Peanuts and pretzels?  $3 or $5 per pack, depending.  Seriously.

Our connecting flight gave us 5 minutes to RUN to our gate before we boarded our cross-country flight.  So, no, there was no time to buy water.  We did plan ahead and purchased cheese sticks and bananas to get us through the long travel day.  Calvin never went hungry, and he still loves bananas, but that’s all he ate the day we traveled!

Finally, when we were at Sea-Tac airport awaiting our final flight to Spokane, WA, we were delayed.  Just as we were about to taxi to the runway, an elderly gentleman got out of his seat and high-tailed it to the lavatory.  The flight attendant scolded him to get back to his seat or we’d miss our only go at take-off, but he said he HAD to go or there’d be problems (our take off had already been delayed over an hour, so we weren’t on time anyway).  So, instead of just letting him get his business done (we still had an awful long way to taxi), the attendant called the flight deck to tell them what was up.  So, flight deck pulled to the side of the taxi way to make sure everyone was buckled.  Then, the flight attendant muttered under her breath…loud enough for those of us in the back to hear, “Great!  Now we just missed our only chance to go!”

She said that because weather was already sketchy and Spokane was having some weather issues.  Before long, they told us the Spokane airport had closed and we were returning back to the gate.

Everyone groaned.

We were told to hang out for the next 30 minutes before they’d decide what to do next.  We asked about getting a direct flight into the city where we’d have to drive to from Spokane, but they weren’t ready to let us off the plane.  Seriously!

Finally, we all re-boarded, and took off.  They had plowed the runway at Spokane, and our flight deck was hoping to get us there within a window of time before more snow piled up.

We landed safely.

The entire cabin erupted in applause and sighs of relief.

Once on the ground, we realized why there was such a plight.  There was a TON of snow everywhere.  Major roads in Spokane had been closed.

My brave uncle and aunt picked us up in their large and heavy SUV that could face any winter blizzard, and that’s exactly what we drove through to get home 3 hours later.

I’ll post about the exceptionally wonderful Christmas parties, joyous time with family, and precious memories with Calvin in a future post.  But, I do want to mention the return trip.  I think that sealed the deal for me to avoid winter travel from this moment forward…for the rest of my life.

We had a 6AM departure from Spokane.  Do the math for arriving at least 1 hour early to the airport plus road travel, and we might as well leave from the house at midnight to make it happen.  Instead, my grandparents put us up in a nearby hotel with my aunt and uncle.  We’d take the hotel shuttle to the airport in the morning and catch our flight.  Sounds perfect?  It was a good idea.  Found out the next day that the roads to Spokane were closed for 2 hours due to weather.

That lovely winter weather accumulated 5 feet of snow in 3 weeks in Spokane.  There was snow plowed into the medians and sidewalks.  Cars that had parked overnight at the hotel for travel were plowed in with 8 foot WALLS of snow.  It was intense.

On December 30th, the Spokane airport was extremely busy at 4:45 AM.  Packed out.  It took us FOR-EV-ER to get through security.  There was no consistency to how the various TSA folks were scanning IDs and boarding passes.  The only thing to note is that one line had 3 people checking IDs, and the line we were directed to get in had only 1.  Hmmm…THAT makes sense.

As I walked through the metal detector with Calvin strapped to me in the mei tai, the TSA nob told me to get rid of his pacifier.  Calvin would’ve stayed peacefully asleep amidst the noise and bright lights if he could’ve had that.  Even after we separated out our shoes, coats, liquids/gels, and laptops, they STILL needed to scan through my carry-on one more time.  I guess the raisins and bananas didn’t scan well.  I have no idea, it just took for freaking-ever.

Some people like to travel without carry-ons.  They feel less encumbered.  I’ve traveled often enough to know you’ve gotta keep a few basic essentials on you, because you may get stuck in an airport for longer than you expected, or you may end up stuck somewhere without your luggage.  We encountered BOTH.

We ended up stuck in Minneapolis International Airport for 9.5 hours, when it was only supposed to be 3.

We were switched from one airline to another because otherwise we may not have made it home since weather was also supposedly sketchy at Chicago International (our NEXT supposed connection).

Finally, after one tired baby struggled through the final flight (after his numerous times flying–this was the one time he had difficulty clearing his ears), we ended up back in Richmond at 1:30AM Eastern.

Unfortunately, our luggage made it back before we did through a different airline carrier.  We could see all 3 of our bags locked behind a glass wall.  No one at the airport had the key to the baggage office for United airlines, and we flew in on Northwest for the last leg of our flight.  We could either wait at the airport another 3 hours for someone to help us at 4:30 AM, or we could drive BACK to the airport later.

With tired baby after 21 hours of traveling, we drove 1.5 hours home.  After we woke up, we spent close to 2 hours dealing with the worst customer service of all time on the phone.  Neither Northwest nor United would ‘fess up as to who was responsible for getting our luggage to us.

Finally, after being a squeaky wheel, United put in my request which was submitted to Northwest who was indeed responsible for getting us our luggage.  It was delivered to us at home by 10 pm on December 31st, free of charge.

In the future, I think I’ll stay put for the holidays.  It’s much nicer to visit eastern Washington in the summer months, anyway.  Calvin loved the holidays with family, but I think the long flights and long time in the airport were wearing on him [and us].

Hope y’all had a wonderful time with family and friends.

Happy new year!

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Fall, Y’all!

Great fall props at Michie Tavern made this photo session a must!

For more WW, please visit 5M4M.

–This is an original Traveling with Baby post by Dr. Dolly Garnecki

Baby Food Action

Butternut squash is finger-lickin’ good!

Calvin got bored with me feeding him his food with a spoon.  He’d fish it out of his mouth, look at it and palpate it with his fingers, then he’d put it back in his mouth once his obersvation was satisfied.  He did this same routine with ev-e-ry bite.  So, I dumped the entire portion onto his tray and let him have at it.  I knew it’d be a bath-worthy mess to clean up later, but I knew his curiousity would be satisfied and he’d have one heckuva fun time with it.  He even got squash on his eyelashes.

Heck, he even wanted to grab the camera!

Calvin’s first solid food was avocado, and he still loves it!

My son isn’t very happy here, but I was so thrilled that he was eagerly communicating in sign language.  Steve brought him to me right before bedtime for his night time nursing.  Calvin was repeatedly doing the sign for “milk” and fussing that I was taking his picture instead of giving him what he wanted.  I couldn’t resist.  It was just too cute.

Wordless Wednesday

Calvin and I enjoying time together on the Jefferson Parkway trails.  In the background is the gorgeous view at the Carter’s Overlook.  This photo was taken with a Canon SD700 IS.

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Trail Running Escape

On Saturday, Calvin and I ventured to Jefferson Parkway to enjoy the gravel trails and boardwalks beneath the towering oaks and ash trees.

Refreshing views provided a much needed escape from the daily grind and the daily search for office space.  It felt so good to run, to push 50 lbs. uphill, and to sweat.

The lofty trees sparkled like emeralds in the flickering glints of sunlight.  Even after breaking a sweat, the cool breeze was chilly, and I cooled off instantly.

I had a great time enjoying the day with my boy.  We loved it SO much that the THREE of us returned today for a walk on the upper part of the trail near Jefferson’s historic home, Monticello.  Next week, we’re packing a picnic lunch and actually touring the Monticello grounds.

Wordless Wednesday

Sleepy baby gets snuggles from Daddy.

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Overhead Pass and Quickstep

Calvin took his first unassisted steps at 9 months.  Each day he takes more and more before he plops down on his bottom.  Especially impressive is when he pivots and changes direction 180 degrees.  It won’t be long before walking is his primary means of getting from point to point in a room, but I’ll enjoy his time of crawling as long as possible.

Meanwhile, enjoy his mean overhead throw and the few quick steps he takes in this film short, courtesy of YouTube.

As the Tables Turn

Earlier this week, I posted on the downs of the ups and downs associated with starting a practice.  Well, I’m back to an upward swing with official bank loan approval and an office space under contract.  A lot can happen in a week.  I’m blessed to find a place that’s bigger and more bang for my buck.  I look forward to working with a designer to make the space work for my practice needs.  Ultimately, I cannot WAIT to move in, hang my sign, and open my doors for practice.  There are people suffering from scoliosis–and I know HOW to help them find relief and results without bracing or surgery–more importantly, I am so excited to have the privilege to work with these amazing people who want to be warriors against scoliosis.


I am in search of a mature woman who would be willing to care for my son at the practice 3 days per week from October through December.  It appears as though high quality child care is in high demand in Charlottesville.  We’re absolutely unwilling to ship Calvin off to a day care center, and our first priority is to have him with me (eventually both of us) at the office.  I am praying that the Lord provides a mom or grandmom who loves babies and that she desires to spend some time with my darling baby boy.  Are there any other moms out there who pay for onsite private childcare at work?  If so, I’d love to talk to you.  Please e-mail me!


Speaking of a darling baby boy . . . yesterday, I went to a chain book retailer and purchase a cup of decaf from the coffee shop located inside.  Both baristas were flirting wih my son (of course he flirted back), and they commented on how cute he is.  One went so far as to tell me

people say that babies are cute all the time simply because they’re babies.  But your son . . . I’m NOT just saying this, he really is a CUTE baby.

— A barista that has good taste and makes good coffee.

Wordless Wednesday: The Hackey Sack Edition

Who needs a pacifier when you’ve got a hackey sack?

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Tuesday Tune-Up

I need an attitude tune up.  When my colleagues mentioned that starting a practice is an emotional roller coaster frought with ups and downs, I “knew” they were right.  But now, I’m “experiencing” their rightness. . . and it totally feels like wrongness.

Yesterday, after every nap and meal, Calvin was strapped in his carseat while I drove around Charlottesville looking at office space for lease or sublease.  In the evening, we even brought his dinner along with us because we knew we’d be out late.  Calvin’s a trooper, and I appreciate his ability to just roll with it, although I know he was pretty much hating his car seat yesterday.  Steve made a point to frolick with him before bedtime so he could burn off some energy.

Today, I’m trying to do most of the office space searching online and via the phone so I can just do one trip to look at spaces later this afternoon.  Calvin’s had fun cruising around the apartment and terrorizing Steve’s books.  I’m trying to be consistent with telling him “No.  Don’t touch Daddy’s books.  Play with YOUR books.”  But, this kid just has an affinity for books that’s worse than my craving for chocolate.  Before his afternoon nap, we sat together and read several of his favorite board books filled with bright pictures.  He loved that and went down for a nap without a single protest.  It is a high priority to make it to the library today to bring home a bunch of books for my little bookworm (literally–he will gnaw and tear as much as he enjoys looking at the pages).

So, I hate letting my circumstances dictate my mood, but I can’t deny that I was so excited to finally find an office space that would work.  We were moving forward on build-out, and other quotes.  ALL of that went away *POOF* with one lousy phone message:

I’m so sorry.  I have bad news.  The landlord chose, at the last minute, to go with another tenant because the terms are more favorable for the landlord.  But, I’d be happy to show you space elsewhere!

This week, I’m back to looking at space.  And, as lovely as it would be to find something that works, I’m going to be realistic, it may take several more weeks.  I would love to open my practice THIS YEAR, but again, I need to take a deep breath.  Relax.  And trust in God’s perfect timing for a location and a practice opening.

The upside: we can meet our budget now and pay the bills.  I’m spending gobs of time with Calvin (even though much of it may be in the car).  I have time to keep the apartment clean.  I have time to visit a family member who had major surgery.  Sometimes, I have time to blog.

I just need to put things in perspective.  There is no RUSH here.  Although I am eager to get back to patient care and chiropractic…1 week or even 1 month delay is NOT that big of a deal.