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Tuesday Travels: Carnival Fun

Having allergies to pollen or poison ivy or whatever it is this kid’s got is not much fun.  To avoid exacerbating the condition, we’ve kept him cooped up indoors for most of the week.

But, two year-olds need to expend energy. Outside. Often.

So, we thought a great way to boost his spirits and get his mind off of itchy skin was to check out a couple of rides at the Dogwood Festival carnival.If we rode any more rides than that, we’d break our bank account.  The prices were comparable to a full up theme park, without nearly the amenities.

But, it was local, not very crowded, and it was fun.

Check out Steve’s cool toes on his Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

Calvin was a little timid at first.  He just wanted to snuggle with his Daddy when they did a few rotations on the ferris wheel.

But after they got going, his face lit up in a huge grin (even through puffy and red eyes).

I love the vibrant colors on this symmetrical shot.  Plus, my two favorite guys are smiling at me.

Since this rather benign ride was such a big hit, we decided to use our remaining tickets for something a little more racy (yet still safe and appropriate for a two year-old).

After gaining his approval, we attempted to try out Calvin’s first roller coaster ride: the Dragon Wagon.

It was literally a roller coaster for little kids.  However, it was surprisingly faster and jerkier than it looked.

The entire time, Calvin was shouting “Whee! So fast, Mommy!”  In fact, he wanted to go again, and again.  He was feeling brave enough to try several other rides.  However, we were out of tickets.  Two rides was enough for his first carnival experience.

We’re SO relieved our son likes roller coasters.  So relieved!  Whew!

The carnival is in town for another week.  So, take out a small loan, and go have some fun with your family!