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I’ve been burning the midnight oil, the candle at both ends, and I’m plumb tired.  So tired, that I think overworking myself has caused me to get a little run down.  Nothing like the full-force of allergies to say, Hey!  Slow down!

It all started on Monday when my son and I enjoyed a lovely day by eating our lunch outside in a courtyard surrounded by beautiful blooms and singing birds.

Shortly after we walked back to the office, I started to sneeze and get a runny nose.  Within a few hours, I had full on sinus congestion and zero capability to breathe through my nose.

I could not wait to get home and relax.


That night, I was miserable and groaning with little sleep and a lot of drippy nose and stuffy head.  They were the worst sinus allergies I’d experienced since I was a teenager living in the Ragweed pollen capital of the world in central Texas.

Calvin was pretty miserable, too.  He crawled into bed with us and was restless.  When he woke up the next morning, his eyes were red and puffy. Poor little guy!

All I wanted to do was stay home and sleep and do nothing but snuggle with my son.  However, I had a full patient load for the day.  So, I dropped off Calvin with a friend for the morning, and then I headed to the office to hang out for eight hours.  An eight hour day isn’t a terribly long work day.  But, when you’ve got the worst allergies, eight hours feels like twenty plus.

I may or may not have had a tissue crammed up and hanging out of my nostril to absorb the run-off snot.  And no, there is no photo.

Thankfully, another chiropractor was able to fit me in during the late morning to adjust my inflamed spine and to work on my horribly stuffed nasal passages.  I felt well enough afterward to continue with my day (even though I still wanted to go home and crawl in bed and rest).


So, to sum up my afternoon:  Calvin woke up early from his nap because he was too hot.  Sweating profusely from too many blankets.

He said, Hair wet.  Take a shower.  Wash hair.

Not only did I have two hours of patient care remaining, but I had a miserable little guy who wanted my full attention.  When one patient was finishing up, Calvin kept saying, All done. Bye bye!

That’s code for: Please, leave now.  I want my Mommy all to myself.

He said this for the next patient who came in.  I tried to add in some training.

Calvin, we don’t say those things.  That’s not being a good little host.


Especially when a two year-old isn’t feeling well.  Forget manners.  It’s all about being direct and expressing your needs.

My heart was torn.  I wanted nothing more than to cuddle my little guy and get him home.  Yet, I need to focus on patients when I’m at work, whether or not I’m feeling well, and whether or not my son agrees.

I looked at the clock all afternoon hoping my husband would get off work early to pick up our son.  No such luck.


Being a working mom is hard with little ones who want constant attention…especially when you have a job where you care for people who need constant attention.  Also, it’s tough when your babysitter is on spring break for days that are super full.

God bless friends like Elisa who can help out in a pinch.  God bless chiropractic care and homeopathic remedies that actually work to relieve allergies.

Note: I still have residual symptoms from my allergies, but they are seventy-five percent better.  Because I’ve been run down and working so much that I regretted not having fun outings with my son, I more than made up for it today. (More on that later…)

By the way, while all of that stuff was going on, Angie Bremont of CVille Entremom announced the winner of the First Annual CVille Entremom of the Year.

*photo from Little Miss Pip via Flickr.

Haute Stuff on the Web

familyEvery once in awhile, I write a summary of cool things going on around the web.  It’s not a regular column on Traveling with Baby, but perhaps it may be in the future.

  • I’d like to try the free chocolate fondue for two on my birthday at the Melting Pot.  Many other free birthday treats are available for adults and children at participating businesses near you.
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I Don’t Sleep–I Breastfeed!

After a membership class at church that ran late into the evening (which meant Calvin had a very late bedtime, we’re dealing with the sleep-deprivation consequences today.

Even after we tucked our little guy in bed 2 hours past his normal bedtime, Steve and I went straight to bed–exhausted.  I’d been up 16 hours straight, and I was running on empty.  No sooner had I fallen asleep, then I heard what the alarm clock ring.  But, it wasn’t the alarm clock–someone had called Steve’s phone past 11pm.  Then every 2 or 3 hours, thereafter, our son woke up screaming crying because he was thirsty.  That’s what happens when the temperature drops 20 degrees and suddenly dries out the apartment. I wish I could tell you I got the luxury of sleeping in on a Saturday, but we had to be back to church by 8:30 am for another 4 hours of class.

It may only be 9pm now, but it feels like midnight.  My body is crying for me to get off the computer and go to bed.

I will.  But first, I wanted to tell you that in spite of being sleep deprived and feeling like my eyeballs want to pop out of my skull, a couple of cool things happened today.

First, I taught a class on Babywearing and Back Health at Nature’s Child, which is the brick and mortar site for Along for the Ride.  Nature’s Child was celebrating its first birthday in business with a Local Festival.

I enjoyed the interactive nature of the class format, and I was stoked that they invited me back to teach a couple more classes next month: a repeat on babywearing and back health, and breastfeeding and back health immediately following their very popular New Moms Teas.  So, if you’re in Charlottesville on November 13th and 20th, please stop by Nature’s Child at 11:30 and join in on the fun!

Next, my first post for Deep South Moms was published today.  Please check it out.  I bare it all when it comes to my personal experience and philosophy on breastfeeding.

An original Traveling with Baby post by Dr. Dolly