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Coconut Constipation Cure

It’s quite common for babies digestive systems to get a little backed up when they go from solely ingesting mama’s pure, sweet, breastmilk to taking in some solid foods. However, since we’re not feeding our son foods that can often lead to constipation like cereals and bananas, we recognize that his body is still adapting and will soon figure it out.

Lately, we’re only alternating between avocados and sweet potatoes. But, since he’s had some discomfort passing bowel movements and a little constipation, we decided he needed some help in a natural form. I’m not about to give my son an enema which could lead to long term health problems with gut development and digestion. So, we opted to try pure and beneficial coconut juice. Instead of buying canned or boxed juice that often is hard to find, expensive, and often has added ingredients, we opted to use a raw coconut.

We learned how to husk a coconut here. Steve just happened to have an ice pick on hand and he was able to collect the coconut juice and peel the buttery rich and yummy meat from the shell.

According to Kate’s Global Kitchen, coconut juice (also known as coconut water) is used to nourish and grow newborn babies. The amazing coconut has many health benefits which you can read about on the Coconut Research Center’s website.

I mixed a little coconut juice with Calvin’s daily serving of avocado. During and after the meal, he sipped the remainder of the coconut juice from a bamboo cup, and he loved it. I can’t always get him to drink 4 oz. of water during a meal, but I had no problem getting him to finish up the coconut juice. Coconut juice has natural electrolytes which most closely resemble those that we have in our bodies. Forget sports drinks for post workout replenishing, next time drink some coconut juice. Of course, the effort of opening up the coconut may make you work up a sweat!

So, about 12 hours later, Calvin was able to pass the rest of the waste that had collected in his digestive system . . . ALL of it. Additionally, a friend of ours is an LPN who works at a pediatric clinic. He sees a LOT of babies and small children. He’s seen positive results for constipation when parents mix 1/4 teaspoon of prune juice with 4 oz. of breastmilk or formula.

Prune juice is definitely easier to acquire, but I love all the amazing benefits of the coconut. You can also read more about the benefits of cooking with coconut oil in The Coconut Oil MiracleWholesome Baby Foods offers insight on using coconut in baby foods.