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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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West Coast Highlights

For a teething 5-month-old, Calvin traveled so well. It was a lifesaver to have Steve with me to help keep him entertained. But, most of the time people sitting next to us were extremely accommodating. When nursing, his long legs would often bump up next to the person next to us. If I was sitting in the middle, that meant that at least half the time, that person wasn’t Steve.

While checking in at the airport in Lewiston, Idaho, another passenger in line wanted to hold him while I was digging out a pen for luggage tags. I saw my grandmother walking up toward us. And, I said aloud “I’ll let grandma hold him”. The nice woman from Louisiana who’d offered, opened up her arms wide and said, “oh goody!”. But, I corrected myself and said, “his real grandma” who swooped him up with hugs and kisses. But then, of course, Calvin was the center of attention and my grandma got to brag on him to the nice woman who wanted to hold him.

While at his great-grandparents ranch in eastern Washington, Calvin enjoyed looking at the fish and waterfall, and he had fun checking out Mema’s chickens.

Calvin was the center of attention. He showed off his cool tricks: smiling super bright and big for anyone who held him or spoke to him face-to-face. That smile will light up anyone’s face and mood! He also hit a couple of milestones while we were there: he got his second tooth (bottom left incisor), and he was finally able to roll from his back to his belly. After he did that once on his own, he’s been doing it non-stop.

Aside from hugs and kisses, he also had to be subject to family traditions and torture for babies: we just HAD to get a photograph of him in the Native American papoose. My sister had been photographed in it as a baby, so of course, all the great grandchildren must be photographed in it as well. He was a little long for it, but we made it work. Then, he tried to sit up (the papoose isn’t made for babies to sit up) until we distracted him enough to play with the beads dangling from it. Calvin’s great (x4) grandmother was from the Cree tribe in the Quebec area of Canada. It’s possible that there were more Native American relatives on my grandmother’s side, but that wasn’t ever recorded.

Calvin attended his first Sabbath School and enjoyed the interactive Bible story about the shepherd and his lone lost sheep. He was the youngest child, by several months, but he had just as much fun as the older children.

We got a picture of almost every relative who held Calvin while he’s still little. I anticipate our next trip out west, he’ll be running everywhere!