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27 Months

My Dear Calvin,

Today, you are 27 months-old.  You’ve endured quite a bit of upheaval in your short life, thus far.  Learning how to relax and fall asleep in different places and getting your entire home turned upside-down this past week has been altogether uncomfortable and stressful.

However, you’ve been a true trooper.  Your Daddy and I are so very proud of your flexibility and cheerful attitude.  Thank you so much for contenting yourself with your books.  You don’t have as much landscape to spread out and creatively play with cars and trucks, but you’ve adapted well to a tiny section on the cushion of the couch.You were so excited when I told you that you were going to sit in Daddy’s chair at the dining table.  Fun for you, but truly it was the obvious choice since there weren’t any other seats at the table where anyone else could sit–they were full of blankets, pillows, and other things that needed to remain off of the rainwater-soaked carpet.  Since your Daddy and I could handle eating our meals standing up, we thought we’d let you enjoy sitting at the head of the table for a week.

As cool as that experience was to you, nothing topped sitting on the couch for dinner time (the only place in our home where the 3 of us could sit together to enjoy a meal).  We enjoyed last night’s messy pasta dinner while you were allowed to watch Chased By Dinosaurs on the Roku.  We’ve never done dinner theater with you before, but this week has been pretty much a pain in the rear for all of us.  At the very least, we could do something fun and spontaneous to make up for the fact that you haven’t had access to your room.  Neither you nor we know where everything is located during this upheaval from the flood, but we’ll figure it out soon enough.

Our hearts were full of joy to see you devouring your food and your eyes sparkling at the digitally animated dinosaurs.  You were so proud of yourself to be able to pull your dinosaur boots on your feet–a first for you.  Every time you slip them on, you clap your hands together and a grin lights up your entire countenance.  Then, you exclaim, “All by self!” and stomp your feet around impressively.

Yes, my dear, you are growing up so quickly.

Once it warms up a little, and this 8-12 inches of snow is done falling, we’ll go outside and construct another snowman–your most favorite thing about winter.  We’ll even let you wear your beloved dinosaur boots.

I can assure you that this won’t be the last time in your life that your belongings get misplaced and disheveled.  It’s not the last time you won’t know what to expect for tomorrow, but regardless of what other unsettling circumstances occur in your life, you will always be loved and cherished very fiercely by us.  We will pray for your peace and protection, and that the God of heaven and earth will bless you beyond belief with grace and love.

With all my heart,


Enduring a Flood

Very quick and brief interruption in the fun Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that’s currently in progress…

If you’ve been following my updates on Twitter/Facebook, then you may already know that we got a lot of rain on Sunday evening.  I mean, 2 inches isn’t a ton of rain, but considering we’ve already had the leftovers of 23+ inches of snow recently melt means there’s not a lot of other places left for rain to absorb into the ground or drains.

Add all that to the fact that we live in a basement apartment means that we woke up to completely soaked floors Monday morning.  The floor was sooo wet that a few of the blankets on our bed were draped over and touching the ground—acting like a sponge and absorbing the moisture leaving me with wet sheets and blankets.

Calvin woke up and when his feet touched the ground, he was completely weirded out.

“Mommy!  Floor messy.  Feet wet.”

Later, he stomped around the muddy indoor puddles while wearing his shoes over his pajamas.

My husband and I dealt with the mess by moving furniture around and doing a ridiculous number of loads of laundry. Not only did our sheets and blankets sop up water, but so did our dirty laundry hampers, rugs and mats.


We’ve been juggling duties at work and dealing with this upheaval at home.  All the while, Calvin’s handled it with extraordinary resolve and resilience…I admire his adaptability!

He knows his room is off limits since his bed is covered with his soft toys and an industrial strength fan blows the carpet in roiling waves.  So, he just keeps to our room and pages through books on our bed or flips through them on the couch.  Those are the only two places in the entire home where he has the liberty to play.

More than half of our dining table and chairs are covered with stuff that needed to be kept off the wet flooring.  So, we’re down to one chair at the table where Calvin sits at meal times.  Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting on the hard plastic beverage cooler, and Steve cleared off room for 1 person to sit at the couch.

Home, sweet home.


It’s truly by the grace of God that I’m not freaking out.  When things get absolutely ridiculous beyond belief, all one can do is completely roll with the punches.


After spending a full day at the office on Monday, we came home where I wanted to relax.

But wait!  I had to make the bed that had been completely stripped and used as Calvin’s reading area throughout the day.

Note: It is extremely difficult to make a bed when 1) you have a freshly bathed child sitting on it who can’t go anywhere else without getting his feet soaked with muddy water and 2) you have no where to put the clean bedding while you’re in the process of putting different parts of it on the bed.

Making the bed is usually a task that doesn’t require much thought nor take much time…Monday night, it probably took me 30-45 minutes to figure it out and deal with a young child who made a bit of a mess on one of the freshly washed blankets.


It’s Tuesday night and we still have the loud fans blasting and whirring beneath the carpets–dehumidifiers and heaters working to absorb the excess moisture.  We’re still down to 1 seat at the dining table, but the entire couch is cleared off where the three of us can fit.

Apparently, we’re hosting a group Bible study on Sunday afternoon as well as a week of visiting in-laws.  Yet somehow, I really won’t feel bad if we have to reschedule Bible study and post-pone receiving guests for a few more days.  It’s not exactly a hospitable and relaxing environment. I mean, it smells like the inside of a sweaty gym shoe in here.

But ya know what?  We’ve been through a similar indoor flooding experience before…about 8 years ago.  So, going through it a second time isn’t quite as unnerving, although still just as inconvenient.

On the bright side, 1) we’re all safe and healthy; 2) we have a warm and dry bed; 3) it isn’t the middle of summer where mosquitoes and mold multiply by the nanosecond and 4) our blessed son is handling all these changes so well that it’s really making things very easy on us.

Truly, God is good to us.

He’s blessed us with beautifully kind friends who’ve even offered to open up their homes to us.  I’m so grateful for their compassion and hospitality!

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