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Sleep Tight and Sleep Safely

My son grows out of pajamas faster than I can blink.  Even if he can last longer in sized clothing for day wear, he seems to outgrow pajamas daily.  I don’t know if it’s due to the monstrous nighttime cloth diaper or the fact that he has a long torso and legs, but footed pj’s aren’t too economical for this kiddo.

Awhile ago, I purchased a cotton sleep sack and loved that I could easily couple it with a onesie for night time use.  It replaced the need for a blankie.  I don’t know the purpose of a blankie other than giving it to him as part of his nap time and bedtime ritual because he would always end up lying on TOP of the blanket instead of the reverse.  At least with a sleeping bag, he can stay warm and snuggled and not thrash his blanket about during the night.  For my safety conscientiousness, I knew it didn’t pose a rare yet potential strangulation hazard when he was alone in his crib.

So, when I heard that my fave baby feeding line company began Keen company to distribute the Grobag® baby sleeping bag developed in the U.K., I was glad to check out their design and fabric weight options or togs.  This collection of premium baby sleeping bags are the number one selling brand in Europe. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and patterns, perfect for all climates and seasons.

Not only does Grobag® baby sleeping bag feature 100% cotton, but they also offer woven, jersey, fleece, and velour fabrics.  The baby sleeping bags come in 3 sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18-36 months, and each one is available in different togs depending on the fabric style of choice.

Grobag® baby sleeping bags were created when the founders of the brand, Rob and Ouvrielle Holmes, found that their son was constantly kicking off his covers and waking up during the night They were all exhausted from lack of sleep so they tried using a baby sleeping bag and discovered that their son slept through the night. Ever since, the Holmes’ have been on a mission to develop their own line of premium baby sleeping bags.

The bag sizes are based on child height and weight.  Since Calvin tends to be built more tall and lean instead of short and chunky, I went with the length guide to help me choose a size Since we’re often on the road, I opted for the travel bag at 1.0 tog which seemed the most versatile fabric weight.  Since we recently moved to an apartment without air conditioning, I’ve found the 1.0 tog to be a little too warm for many nights, but as the weather cools for fall, it’s perfect.

The Grobag® travel bag features a 2-way front zipper closure on all sizes, and a back vent (which can be secured closed with a hook and loop closure) for use with a 5-point harness.  There’s a zip-click feature on 18-36 month bags, which stops adventurous little ones from opening the zipper.  I love that the zipper can be used in either direction to position the sleeping bag as you need it over the 5-point harness.  Also, the YKK zipper can be “hidden” at the bottom by a fold of fabric that snaps over it.  My only gripe is that the back vent doesn’t positioning options for a baby with a longer torso (like my son).  It makes it a little tough to weave the seat-belt clasp through the back vent (I had to almost fold my son in half to make it work in the carseat).  But, it may not be an issue for smaller sized babies.  If there were several lengths of back vent options, that would make the travel bag easier to adapt to different sized babies.

Compared to other baby sleeping bags that I’ve tried with my son, I definitely prefer the Grobag® baby sleeping bag.  After numerous washings, the zipper doesn’t change shape and cause the fabric to buckle and bend, yet it maintains it’s shape and the quality is enduring.  I love that there are varying tog options depending on the season.  In the coming chilly autumn months, I don’t need to dress Calvin in numerous layers of clothes for our evening walks (because changing a diaper after all of THAT is just too much work!), instead I can put him in a shirt and a medium to heavier tog Grobag® and we’re set!

He first wore the Grobag® baby sleeping bag at 7 months.  But now even at 10 months, there’s plenty of room for him to grow another 8 inches and wiggle his toes.  Heck, he can even stand up in his crib while wearing it, and he still gets around with a fast crawl in the Grobag® baby sleeping bag.  The baby sleeping bag retails from $39 to $60 depending on the fabric, tog, and style.

As the perfect companion to the Grobag® baby sleeping bag, Keen also features the Grobag® egg color-changing digital room thermometer. The egg gives off a soft glow that changes color according to the temperature in baby’s room. Parents can tell at a glance if the room is too hot or too cold and then adjust either the room temperature or the baby’s clothing or bedding accordingly. Monitoring room temperature is an important part of creating a safe sleeping environment for baby.

The Grobag egg® features a simple to use room thermometer that changes color (blue – yellow – orange – red) based on the temperature.  There’s a digital room thermometer with permanent ‘back-lit’ LCD readout in Farenheit.  It provides a soft ‘nightlight’ glow, and the power adaptor included.

I tried using the Grobag® egg digital room thermometer as a nightlight in my son’s room, but since there is no natural light in his room, the light was too dim in his cave.  So now, my husband and I use it in our room to gauge the temperature in the back of the apartment.  It’s dim enough for us that it doesn’t keep us awake.

When I first tested the Grobag® egg, I found that its temperature readings were two to three degrees too high.  I was concerned that it always registered as red or too warm in my son’s room.  So, I compared the temperature readings of the Grobag® egg to a mercury-based thermometer and another digital thermometer.  I found that the Grobag® egg was consistently too high in its reading compared to the other digital thermometer which was spot on with the mercury thermometer (which I considered a baseline for accuracy).

So, now my husband and I use the Grobag® egg digital room thermometer in our bedroom  as a dim nightlight.  We’ve never seen the temperature vary in color other than red or orange.  If it would drop just ONE more degree, we could see it turn yellow!  Perhaps with the coming fall weather we’ll see yellow or even blue on the Grobag® egg.  It’s a great concept, but I think there needs to be a little more time in the lab spent on developing temperature readout accuracy.  The egg retails for $30.

To learn more about Grobag® products, visit the company’s site.  Order your own Grobag® baby sleeping bag or Grobag® egg digital room thermometer. _______________________________________________________________________

**WIN IT**

You can win your very own Grobag® egg digital room thermometer from Keen Distribution.  To enter, visit Keen’s website, then come back here and leave a comment about which innovative product you’d like to try.

Only one entry per person per giveaway.  Multiple entries will be removed.  The contest for the Grobag® Egg Thermometer ends at 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, September 26th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 27th.

The winner and 2 alternates will be selected on Random.org and announced on this post. If you provide your e-mail address, I will contact you. The winner has 72 hours to claim the prize, otherwise, the prize goes to the first alternate to contact me with a shipping address.


Congratulations to the winner! Kandice Watson, on September 21st, 2008 at 2:41 pm Said: “I love the timeout table!! That is too funny!”