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Beauty Begins with ME

Mineral make-up is totally hot right now.  Not only is it easy to apply and blend to find a color that matches your skin tone exactly, but it’s lightweight while providing complete and smooth coverage, and it’s free of harmful ingredients.

I used to be a consultant for an MLM company associated with skin care and make-up.  Through the course of learning about different types of make-up (ingredients, application techniques, and benefits), I became very brand loyal and aware of different options on the market.  Since consumers have been demanding cosmetic products that don’t contain harmful ingredients and include high quality minerals, the cosmetic options have multiplied on the market . . . much to the benefit of the empowered consumer.

cat-image_anywearI was very pleased with the Mineral Essence line.  The quality and affordability of the products have allowed me to say goodbye to the brand that I was loyal to for over 7 years.

If you’re new to mineral make-up, the the Mineral Essence Transform ME Collection is a great way to get started.  This collection includes everything you need for a fresh look for day or night.


Select 2 foundation shades complimentary to your skin tone.  Forget having to buy 1 color for the winter and 1 for summer, this kit has it all for you to mix, blend, and enhance shades specific for you year round!  For those unsightly blemishes that sometimes rear their ugly heads, there’s the Duo Concealer pencil which is my most favorite concealer that I’ve ever used.  It glides on, doesn’t cake on, and it blends well into the skin and works well with the Magic Finish Translucent Powder to create a smooth and clear finished look.  You’ll also be able to use Anywear Sunset Bronzer as an all over sun-kissed bronzer or as a lovely blusher which can be applied with the kabuki brush which is also included in the collection.  The collection also comes with a retractable powder bruch and a precision angled blush brush.  You can tote the whole set with you to the gym or to work in the enclosed silver cosmetic bag.  How nice to minimize your on-the-go make-up kit to a few lightweight items that give you the all day fresh and beautiful glow.  And, just to make things simple for newbies to mineral make-up, the Transform Me Collection also comes with a How-To DVD.  The entire collection is advertised as a $240 value which retails for $60.

Comparably, even with a consultant discount, I would only be able to afford a foundation and a concealer for $60 with my previous cosmetics MLM brand . . . and they definitely didn’t offer free shipping! Mineral Essence offers free ground shipping on any orders over $50.  Oh, I so love that.

Things I love about the Mineral Essence formulations:

It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, preservatives or additives that could potentially damage your skin or cause irritation. Gentle on even the most sensitive skin, Mineral Essence is hypo-allergenic and won’t clog your pores.

I’m eager to try their lip glosses and skin care, too.

Exclusive to Traveling with Baby readers, Mineral Essence is offering a 10% discount on all orders with code MOMBLOG. Order from Mineral Essence by visiting their website or call (800) 715-1006.

My New Love – Alima Pure

I used to have a relationship with another cosmetic line, but we’re about to part ways.  It’s true, I’ve become co-dependent and cannot live without cosmetics (especially on days that I have to go to work).  But, it wasn’t until recently that I found a suitable replacement that far exceeds my Ex.  Finally, I’m ready to make the switch.  Goodbye Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Brand, and HELLO Alima Pure!

alima-foundationAlima Pure, I wish I’d met you 7 years ago, before I fell into the mire of the MLM industry.  But, what you offer is so much more than that.  Actually, it’s the absence of what’s in your products that I appreciate the most.  Pure. Simple. Lovely.  That’s what makes you so special.

The more savvy I became about the destructive relationship I was in (paying too much to support an MLM-upline, using products that were a moderate safety issue, and waiting for 2 weeks of shipping to receive my make-up!), the more fond of you I became.

Not only do you offer a bazillion colors, but I can mix them to create many more options!  You had me at your tag line,

100% mineral makeup and nothing more

alima-eyeshadowInitially, I wasn’t sure how accurate the color descriptions on your website would be in helping me find a foundation color that was a good match.  After all, internet-based images are seldom absolutely true to real life.  So, I took a chance, and I read the Tips, Tricks, and Techniques completely before ordering my colors.  You completely guided me through “choosing foundation color” with amazingly accurate results.  Whomever you hired as your writer to describe the differences in foundation colors and HOW to select them was spot on with pin point accuracy.  After I selected the foundation, I just went along with recommendations for finishing powder.

The same expertise was available for the blushes and gorgeous eye shadows.  Each shade I selected had complementary shades suggested as well.

I tried your award-winning satin matte foundation in olive 1.5 with the Hanae satin finishing powder to complete the look and lock in the color.  The combination felt silky smooth without weighing down my skin.  The best yet is that I can easily clean it off with water and a microfiber cloth.  I don’t need any soap drying out my skin in the harsh winter climate.  Even though it cleans easily, it stays on well for all-day use.  When I inquired about the color endurance in hot and humid climates, you reassured me that it would stay on through an aerobics class in Florida.  Now that’s a make-up with staying power!new-alima-print-images-0274Next, I applied the award-winning Satin Matte Blush in Antique Rose.  It’s smooth, light, and it looks naturally rosy!  The hardest selection for me was to choose among the rainbow assortment of eye shadows in satin matte, pearluster and luminous shimmer.  I selected 3 luminous shimmer colors that were complimentary and varying in effect from dramatic to office-wear.  I love the pure innocence of the mild pink Hyacinth, the dramatic and alluring Twilight, and the versatile and smoky Nigella.

logo-smallfor-webI’m making the switch, and I’m not looking back.  Alima Pure, I love you.