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Get in the Picture with Gorillapod {Giveaway}

I love blogging and photographing my family, but sometimes I wish all three of us could be in the picture.  When my husband’s away from home, and there’s a sweet moment that I’d love to capture on film with my son and me, it’s helpful to have a portable and flexible tripod.

Gorillapod’s SLR by Joby is strong enough to carry the weight of an SLR body plus lens (holds up to 1.75 pounds).

Over two dozen flexible joints throughout the legs remind me of my organic chemistry model kit–ya know, legos for adults.  The legs look like a combo of a bunch of single bonds, except the joints on the Gorillapod SLR bend and rotate 360 degrees.

a girl’s best friend by gcfairch via Flickr

The rubberized rings and foot legs stay-put on slick surfaces like cars, recycle bins, or cedar trees.

I’m a total fan of the quick-release level that stays on my SLR camera for easy on/off access to the Gorillapod SLR.  I use it to make sure my SLR is level when I need to set the timer for shots when I’m not behind the lens.

I used the Gorillapod SLR with my Nikon D90 DX Digital SLR Camera with 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens.

There’s a period of about 6 months where I snapped gobs of photos of my husband and son…and I’m not with them in a single photo.

Since I received my Gorillapod SLR from Joby (Thanks, Joby!) I was able to share the frame with my family for Easter:

I also used it to snap photos of a gorgeous spring day while holding my son.  Definitely not something I could have done without a tripod.

When we go camping next month, I’ll be able to wrap the Gorillapod SLR around a tree or even a tent pole to snap some fantastic photos.  Later when I can afford to spring for an extra Nikon flash and diffuser, I can remotely mount the flash on the Gorillapod SLR while snapping away with my camera, and using a softer light from another angle.  It’s like having a portable photography studio (great for amateurs and aptly enjoyed by professionals).

This lightweight, portable, and super fun flexible tripod retails for $39.95 on Joby and Amazon.com

Win it!

Joby is sponsoring an awesome giveaway for one of our lucky readers!

One (1) winner will receive a Gorillapod SLR (retail value $39.95)!  To enter, hop on over to Joby’s site, then leave a comment on this post telling us something you learned about a Joby product that sounds totally awesome to you or what type of photograph you’d love to capture with your Gorillapod prior to May 15th at 11:59 p.m.  That’s it! Please follow the contest rules and avoid any generalized comments, or you will be disqualified.

*I received two Gorillapod SLRs, one for me to review and keep, and the other to give away. Read my full disclosure policy.


We’re celebrating motherhood from now until the end of May.  Although, motherhood should be celebrated year round…don’t you think?  Join us for gift ideas and giveaways for Mom.

Silver Lining

When I was a child, my aunt Debbie was a color analyst.  She would help people determine which colors complemented their skin tone, eyes, and hair color to help them look their best by holding up swatches of solid-colored fabrics.  Light and airy pastels were for people who were classified as “Springs” and rich and bold colors were for “Winters” with other rainbow hues reserved for “Autumns” and “Summers”

My color classification was Winter.  Winters can wear black, fire engine red, electric blue, and even emerald green, but they must avoid pastels,  off-white, and yellows like the plague.  Gold as a metal is okay, but Winters look far more stunning in Silver.  After getting my color analysis as a kid, I never forgot when my aunt emphasized that I looked better in silver than gold.  Since then, I always had an affinity toward silver or silver-colored metals.

My new favorite place to hunt for beautiful things in silver is Walker Silverworks.  Erica Walker’s father and sister are also jewelry smiths who inspired her to begin crafting on her own.   Walker’s signature style is modern with a classic vein.  Her designs are ethereal, lovely, and full of fun with a preference toward satin-finished silver.

My favorite piece in her etsy shop is the light loopy necklace which would really pull together a crisp white button-down blouse and pin-stripped slacks, but you could also look stylin’ wearing it with a form-fitting tee and jeans.

light loopy necklace

light loopy necklace

Other jewelry pieces by her design include earrings, cuff links, bracelets and rings.  Check out her lovely jewelry gallery, but take heed, you will fall in love!

Walker Silverworks is generously sponsoring Traveling with Baby’s Blogaversary Bash and honoring moms by providing a delightful and versatile necklace for one soon-to-be-very-happy reader.  Whether you want to win this for yourself as an extra special treat for Mother’s Day or whether you want to present it to your own mom, feast your eyes on the Organic O necklace which is designed for vertical threading, and there’s a design for horizontal threading.

organic o necklace (vertical)

organic o necklace (vertical)

Each Organic O is uniquely designed and can vary from1″ – 1 1/4″ wide and 1 1/2″ – 2″ long.  I love that it is tenderly and uniquely made by hand.  It’s simultaneously light with a feminine, yet bold flair.  When you purchase the Organic O necklace, it comes with 1 silk cord (multiple colors are available on Walker’s site).

silk cords for organic o necklaces

silk cords for organic o necklaces

Yet, the winner of the Organic O necklace will get 3 silk cords for variety and mood.  Feeling pretty in pink today, but you’d like earthy brown tomorrow, no sweat.  How’s that for changing the look and versatility of one stunning, handmade piece of silver jewelry?


prizeypickOne lovely winner will win an Organic O necklace with a variety of silk cords courtesy of Walker Silverworks.  Retail value of the Organic O necklace is $30, and retail value of 3 silk cords is $9.  Are you excited?  The winner will be randomly selected via random.org.

1. To enter, a) first leave a comment  on the TWB Blogaversary Bash post about your ideal way to spend Mother’s Day (while you’re there, check out the other awesome giveaways!)  Then, b) leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from Walker Silverworks not previously mentioned on this post (something other than the Organic O necklace and the light loopy necklace).  Simple, right?


2. Earn a second entry by blogging about the giveaway and linking to Traveling with Baby using “Traveling with Baby’s Blogaversary Bash” as the title in your blog’s post.  Then, leave a comment with a link to your post.  Non-bloggers can participate by subscribing to Traveling with Baby’s feed .

3. Follow me on twitter (drdolly) and tweet about this contest.  Leave a comment saying you tweeted, and provide an html link to your tweet.

Leave a valid e-mail address, so I can contact you to claim your prize, or it’ll go to another amazing person.  The contest is open to U.S. shipping addresses only.

This contest runs until 11:59PM (EST) on May 17th, 2009.

One winner will be randomly selected (via random.org) and announced on this post and e-mailed sometime shortly after May 17th. If a winner doesn’t respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.

— By Dr. Dolly


Congratulations to the winner: Leslie Starkey!

My First (Non-Pregnant) Mother’s Day

When I went in to fetch Calvin from his morning nap and get him dressed for church, he greeted me in his crib with a bright smile armed with his teddy bear. Next to him on the crib was a Godiva dark chocolate bar with raspberry filling. Also, there was a package of dried strawberries covered in dark chocolate–also the Godiva sort. First, I kissed Calvin’s daddy. . . who promptly told me to kiss Calvin, since he’s the one that got them for me for Mother’s Day. Smart kid! He knows just what his Mama wants!

Later that day, with Daddy’s help, Calvin “picked” a baby fistful of lilacs for me which I pinned in my hair the rest of the day.

I had a great Mother’s Day. How was yours?

Poop, Pancakes, and Sweet Potatoes–not necessarily Combined

Just when we think Calvin’s groovin’ in the nighttime routine, he changes his mind.  Actually, I think he’s just had a lot of discomfort at night.  Bellyachin’, toothin’, thirsty, a little congestion.  Whew, you name it, and for the past week, SOMETHING’s gone a-muck.

I spoke with my friend at Spiritual Ramblings of a Christian Mommy and she gave me some good pointers.  She suggested forgetting about the nighttime thing until we can get Calvin’s day schedule more nailed down.  It’s mostly the same everyday, but we have to have him adapt to us sometimes so we can get things done.  Otherwise, if we’re ALWAYS doing naptime at home (as opposed to in the carseat on those long errands), then, we can never leave the house.  Since that’s not realistic, we do our best to keep him on a feeding, nap, and bedtime schedule as much as possible.

Anyway, after speaking with her, I realized there were a couple things I could do to help him out during the day.  First, I wasn’t giving him enough solid food.  I decided to feed him 3 times per day instead of just once.  And, I also discovered yesterday, that the servings I was giving him weren’t equivalent to 1 oz. (before adding water).  They were shy by at least 1/4 oz.  We were reluctant to add more solids since we still wanted his bowel movements to be more regulated.  I’ve been adding a little prune juice as a post meal chaser, and I’m pretty sure that’s helping him out.  Instead of passing stool every 4 days, it’s now every other day.  Pretty soon, I hope he’ll go every day and several times a day.

Also, I decided to quit pumping . . . for now.  I always feel like I’m playing catch up with milk supply at feedings when I do this.  AND, after I’d read to tank him up with feedings every 2 hours in late afternoon before bedtime, she mentioned that it might be training his body to THINK he needs to eat more frequently at night.

So, yesterday, he had solids at lunch and dinner.  He was still hungry at dinner time, so I thawed out yet another cube of sweet potato.  I was able to keep his nursing feeds to every 4 hours (a little longer at night) from 10:30AM on.   He only ate every 4 or 5 hours last night, but he woke up every one or two hours beginning at 1:30AM.  However, the comfort sucking reflex from the pacifier helped him go back to sleep . . . although it sucked for me to have to keep putting it back in when he woke up and to pat his chest until he relaxed.  Steve thought Calvin was congested, so he hooked up the humidifier.  I don’t see how having a humidifier helps when the windows are open (and it’s humid outside).  But, we’ll see.

This morning, Calvin was in a much better mood than yesterday.  We were all dragging like zombies yesterday . . . lack of posting this week is definitely related to the lack of sleep.  But, Calvin let me know he needed to sit on the potty and he got a lot of stuff out of his system.

Steve made buckwheat pancakes for me (early Mother’s Day reward).  And later today, he’s taking me shopping for either a dress and a button down blouse or something like that.  It’s kinda for Mother’s Day, kinda to have some professional clothing appropriate for work that fits my post-partum body, and that I can wear while nursing.

So, stay tuned.  I’ll post some great product reviews tomorrow and next week.  More great news on nutrition, autism, organic food availability, giveaways coming soon on this site!  Oh, and wish us well and keep us in your prayers, next week we’re headed down to Charlottesville so Steve can interview for jobs and we can look at retail spaces for starting up a practice.  We are ANTSY about moving, Calvin having HIS OWN ROOM, and us having our own practice as soon as possible.