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Get a BPA-Free Magic Cup from Avent . . . It’s ABOUT Time!

I previously posted about Bisphenol-A Free baby bottles here. I recently found more info on this hot topic regarding baby health. First, I recommend visiting the Z Recommends site which has tons of info on BPA including rankings of baby product manufacturers, a mobile phone texting resource, and a BPA-Free report.

Next, I highly suggest parents check out the Bisphenol-A Free website which also has tons of resources and weblinks following this topic. This is the site where I found the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s Smart Use of Food Plastics and Healther Food Uses of Plastics printable pdf guide.

I contacted Canadian Buzz Bishop whose blog has a post boasting a creative use of the BPA-containing Nalgene bottles (nightlight anyone?). I found his blog via a post on London Drugs accepting BPA baby bottles and providing FREE in store credit. I also read this post on Avent making bottles with BPA. Since I don’t live in Canada, and I really wanted to find a way to make better use of my Avent Isis Uno breast pump, I wanted to know what options I had.

Currently, I pump into an Avent bottle, and then I immediately transfer it to a BPA-Free Medela bag or BPA-Free Born Free bottle for milk storage. Buzz directed me to Smart Canucks site which, for Canadians, enables free samples of Avent’s BPA-free bottle and sippy cup.

I called the toll free number (after being on hold for 8+ minutes and listening to a recording in French and English), and was finally in touch with a live Avent customer service representative. She kindly offered to send me a free Magic Cup which can be used with my breast pump and used as a sippy cup. So, U.S. residents can access Avent’s BPA-free stuff now, too. It also helped that I told her that I’m currently an Avent user. She suspected that Avent will soon make a BPA-free funnel for the breast pumps, too.

To contact Avent in the U.S., call 1-800-542-8368, but you’ll also get results with the Canadian number 1-800-843-2174

Update (5/22/2008)

I called the U.S. Avent number today for information regarding the free Magic Cup, and I encountered a very hostile Customer Service Representative who just wanted to read her script and tell me how “SAFE” the Avent bottles were, since BPA is only leeched if milk is heated in the bottles.  I told her how BPA is leeched through scratched plastic, and she proceeded to interrupt me by constantly saying, “ma’am . . . ma’am”.   She denied having a supervisor to whom I could speak (she said there is no boss for customer service).  After the way she acted, I believe it!

Additionally, phthalates are equally harmful (neural excitotoxin) and can be found in most soft plastic baby toys (and women’s nail polish) . . . in fact, most anything that’s not a rock-hard plastic. eHow published an article on how to stay away from phthlates in baby toys.

Update 6/27/2008

I found some great info on Safe Mama that most Babies R Us retailers will accept new and used bottles with BPA.  Whether or not they need a receipt for the exchange depends on the particular store.