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Breastfeeding – Support for Moms

Breastfeeding MomI recently wrote a very personal post on extended breastfeeding for “Health Happy Round-Up”.  I loved the feedback I received from other women.  I agree with my sister-in-law, Vicky, that the more we talk about the struggles and joys of breastfeeding (as well as extended breastfeeding), the more that women can take courage from others who are treading that same road.

I was recently quoted about the struggles of breastfeeding by Melissa Chapman.  It’s definitely a personal decision for each mom, but sharing what works and what helps through tough times could help another mom choose to breastfeed longer.  If you thought I was self-revealing in my extended breastfeeding post, wait until you check out what I shared with Melissa…talk about baring the soul.  You can read the full article on Real Moms Guide.

–By Dr. Dolly
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