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Playground Fun

Calvin’s physical skills have advanced considerably since the spring, when I first took him to the big kids playground.

Initially, he was a little timid.  He’d NEVER go down the slide without Mama or Daddy.

But, he’s almost two, and things have changed with this little climber…Climbing at the Playground (19 seconds) from drgarnecki on Vimeo.

Once he ascended the ladder, he announced greetings in English and Chinese.

Nei Hao (10 seconds) from drgarnecki on Vimeo.

Just in case you’re not a video fan, here’s a couple of my favorite snapshots from this afternoon.

tunnel editPeering at Mama in the tunnel

swing2 editGetting Daddy kisses on the swing

slide2 editSerious slide fun

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Weekend Update

img_5081Although I had to go in to the office on Saturday, and Calvin fended off a nap for as long as possible, we finally managed to head over the the highly anticipated Pen Park playground.

This safe and fun park features astroturf on the playground, 2 separate playgrounds for big kids and smaller kids, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, green grass, picnic tables galore, nature trails, and a golf course.  I don’t think you could ask for anything more in a public park, except maybe a pool.  But, there are plenty of public pools at parks in Charlottesville…which we’ll be trying out this summer.

Next trip, we’re packing a picnic lunch.

Our little man enjoyed exploring on the nature trails, and driving a car on the playground.

He hiked up a pretty steep hill, and got tuckered out about 3 or 4 times, but he did make it back to the crest where you can see the swing sets peeking through the trees.

img_5096This is a friend he made on the playground.  They drove together.  Before sliding, she asked me to say “ready? 1-2-3!” before she took off down the slide.  I love toddlers.

img_5089Calvin and Daddy are enjoying driving the “bike” which is anchored to the playground with a couple of giant springs.

We spent Sunday afternoon walking around barefoot in the backyard because it was sunny and lovely…and because it’s supposed to rain and storm tonight and cold weather is once again headed our way.  We had to take advantage of the amazing sunshine for as long as possible.

So, we blew bubbles.  Calvin’s word for bubbles is “Dah!” which is also how he pronounces “ball”.  Yes, I guess they look like little shimmery balls with irridescent rainbows catching the sunlight.

He loved popping them on the bubble wand.  His face would light up and he’d squeal with delight.  He even tried to pop them with his teeth a few times.  I think the experience was somewhat surprising.

Maybe the sunny weather will return before week’s end.  I’d definitely love to bust out with those bubbles while barefoot in the backyard before too long.