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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Site Re-Launch!

I’ve been waiting for this day for over a year now.  I’m graduating this blog from a wordpress.com site to its own self-hosted site.  Yay!

It’s a beautiful thing.  I mean, sure, there’s a little awkwardness from the changeover that I’m still cleaning up, but for the most part, it’s pretty exciting!

Please go to http://www.travelingwithbaby.net where you’ll find all the archived posts from this site, plus more.
traveling with baby blogSee ya over there!

Wordless Wednesday: Boy with the Red Balloon

Calvin and his balloon

Calvin and his balloon

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Traveling Update

It’s been a few days since I posted, but I haven’t even been online since Thursday.  We found out that Steve’s grandmother passed away, and we packed up a few things (okay, a LOT of Calvin’s things) to get on the road Friday afternoon to spend time with his family.  We’re currently in Pennsylvania, and we’ll attend the viewing and funeral in the next couple of days.

It’s amazing how much healing and love a baby provides in the midst of heartache from the loss of a loved one.  With his contagious smile and never-ending energy, to quote our friend Chris Rice,

Calvin’s a non-stop fun machine.

I’ll provide the good Calvin digs later next week.  So, stay tuned.

Southbound, Sock-Winning, Egg-Puking, Cattle-Nuzzlin’ Baby

Featured in Alltop

Traveling with Baby is now featured on Alltop! You can find us on the left-hand column after crunchy domestic goddess and above screaming above the masses.

Calvin just won some Jazzy Toes Baby Socks from a contest featured on The Opinionated Parent. I can’t decide which I like better, the birkenstock jazzy toes or the converse hightops jazzy toes. Once we receive ’em, I guarantee I’ll post photos of the boy in them!

Bound for the South

We’re moving to Charlottesville, Virginia . . . FINALLY! We’re headin’ South (to God’s country) on June 10th where we will sublet a furnished apartment for a couple of months until we can move into another place long term. We’re praying that Steve’s able to find a job ASAP, and hopefully the hunt will be easier when we’re living in the same city (and state) as the job offerings. He submits several resumes daily and scours Craigslist and the local Classies for something up his alley. Since we have to fit everything in the little Honda Civic, we’re limited on what we can bring with us. I think Calvin’s stuff will take up the most space! But hey, we’re used to traveling with a baby. Pack ‘n Play, cloth diapers and wipes, baby clothes, blankets, and pre-made frozen baby food, and we’re good to go. Oh, of course, gotta pack a few of his books. He’s growing up so I’m looking for more developmental toys suitable for his level. I’ll be off to the consignment shops and yard sales once we’re in CVille.

Car Trouble

At least I hope we’re still driving down on the 10th. This past Sunday, the car died on our way home from church. Steve was able to let it roll down a little hill to a parking space by a commercial building. We hoofed it home from there. Fortunately, I had a hat in the car to protect Calvin’s little bald head from the scorching sun. Unfortunately, I was still wearing dress flats and church attire . . . not exactly what I choose to sport when climbing up steep hills. (We live in the Endless Mountains of Northeastern PA). Steve carried the boy, and I carried the diaper bag (which has backpack straps . . . and was I EVER thankful for those!). Calvin thought it was amusing to go on a walk in which he was held in his daddy’s arms the entire way. It was a beautiful day for a walk, but I couldn’t think about that . . . only how badly I needed to go to the bathroom! Today, Steve and his dad are taking the car to his uncle’s shop (via flatbed trailer since towing your own vehicle is illegal in PA (how un-American is that?). We’re hoping there’s nothing seriously wrong with it (it’s got something to do with the electrical system and the fuel line) and that whatever is wrong is an inexpensive repair.

Barnyard Shenanigans

On Memorial Day, we enjoyed the Tunkhannock Area tradition: BBQ chicken meal supporting the area’s little league softball teams. Actually, Steve’s parents picked up the chicken BBQ for us and brought it to the house. Since we’re without the car, we can’t exactly drive anywhere with Calvin (our pick-up only has room for 2 of the 3 of us!).

Later yesterday afternoon, Steve’s mom drove Calvin and me down to the local thrift shop where I found a really cool wooden puzzle for Calvin. It had 4 animal pieces which also had furry fabric affixed to each piece. It was made somewhere in Connecticut and guaranteed non-toxic. I also found a copy of Prescription for Nutritional Healing which I’d been meaning to purchase for at least a year. On the way home, Calvin zonked out (it was nap-time anyway), and his grandma wanted to keep driving so he could keep sleeping. So, we met up with Steve and his dad, then we all headed out to Antol’s Ice Cream Stand. That’s when the projectile puking started . . . and it kept going and going and going! Poor Calvin! At least we were in a parking lot and not on the road.

So, hardboiled egg yolk doesn’t sit well with him. Soft boiled egg yolk is 10 times worse. I will refrain from introducing animal protein to Calvin until he’s at least 9 months old. Poor kiddo. I gave him water to rehydrate him, but, 30 minutes later, he puked again. Then, after getting some breastmilk in his gut, he was good to go.

We stopped by the dairy/cattle farm of our friends from church to drop off our milk bottles. They share their abundance of raw cow’s milk with us. Calvin was especially intrigued with their 5-year-old daughter. Another little person that he could relate to! She wanted to show off the kittens in the barn. Of course, before we saw the kittens, we had to see the entire barn tour. She told us to beware of the mean bulls. She told us the names of some of the cows. We saw several calves, including the one that was “hers”. And she showed us how she could lock herself up in a pen and pretend to be a cow. She had a little trouble releasing the latch (talk about child-proof and cattle-proof), so I rescued her. I also got licked by a cow with a tongue that was at least 2 feet long (I kid you NOT!).

Ok, so this megabarn tale isn’t big news for those of you who are familiar farm-hands, but it was a new experience for me. I’d only ever seen cattle grazing in pastures or at fair shows. I’d never seen so many cattle in pens all under one roof. It wasn’t like a zoo where you can admire creatures from afar and from the safety of a nice big fence. These bovines were all up in my chili (blowing snot, licking my arm, etc.), but they were cute . . . and very very big. I reeked of that dusty hay/barn smell afterward. Steve laughed at me . . . but he jumped in the shower at the earliest opportunity as well. Calvin was just mesmerized by everything. He had a fun afternoon . . . except for the egg puke, of course.