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Hippo the Potamus

My son is so into animals or “am-i-nam-als,” as he often pronounces them.  When we sing “The Wheels on the Bus” song, we often add our own verses.

My almost two and one-half-year-old comes up with verses about dinosaurs roaring, bears opening doors, and sharks eating turtles…all on the bus, of course.

Then, he gets even more creative about naming every animal he can remember–he would’ve been a great adjutant for Noah, because this kid’s a walking encyclopedia of animal names, even if the pronunciation is just a little unusual, yet totally perceptible, and extremely cute.

My favorite: hippo the potamus!


The other night, he was in the bath tub and lying on his belly.  While splashing as much water on the floor as was once in the tub, I asked if he was a shark.

Calvin said, “I’m a panda bear.”

Of course.

*Photo by Bob P&S via Flickr photostream.