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wellBEing weekends – Family Fitness

Welcome to a weekly series on Traveling with Baby, wellBEing weekends, formerly known as  Health Happy Round-Up.

That other name is sooo 2009 (and a bit of a mouthful).  It’s 2010, and it’s time to freshen up the look and sound of this column.  It’s only a nominal change, and the content that you’ve grown to love will remain focused on the same vein.

Each weekend (Friday – Sunday), wellBEing weekends will feature health-related news, recipes, and fresh tips on wholesome health for your family’s well BE-ing.


This weekend, we’ll explore ways to incorporate fitness into your family’s regular routine.

As a way to combat childhood obesity, it’s great to make fitness fun at an early age–part of the routine where the family can participate together.  You don’t want a future couch potato?  Then, start having regular and fun exercise days as a family…now!

Perhaps you’ve got small children and you’re finding it challenging to get in a regular fitness routine while tending to the needs of your young ones.  I’ll address this real-life scenario that many moms endure everyday with some practical tips and suggestions.

I’d also love to hear your ideas!

So, check back later this weekend for more living and BEing well.  Oh, and did I mention that we’ll have some fun giveaways, too?  Yippee!

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