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Flying with Baby

Calvin is quite the charmer.  He befriended all of the folks sitting around us on our flight with an avid game of Peek-a-Boo.  The nice women who sat behind us remarked that they also sat behind us on the outgoing flight to DFW.  They definitely remembered Calvin who spent the duration of the flight flirting with them.


We kept him content with food.  When he did sleep, he was completely passed out on both of our laps.

When Calvin just had to satiate his curiousity about things, Steve read to him from the SkyMall magazine and the laminated flight safety brochure:

Look, Calvin!  See the cool ride we’re on today.  It is complete with a giant slide, really cool masks, and you even have pool floaties under your seat.  Isn’t that fun?!

When he just HAD to stretch his legs, I took my friend’s advice and let him tromp around on top of the baby changing table in the itty bitty lavatory.  He liked checking out a new place and the mirrors and sink were especially intriguing.

There were only a few bouts of fussiness.  In fact, you could hear all the babies and toddlers crying around the same time: descent.  I kept giving Calvin sips of water from his sippy cup, and the pacifier also helped him to clear his ears.  Once we were below 5,000 feet, all was well.

Stay tuned for posts on our trip to Dallas: encountering WNBA star and Olympic gold medalist Lisa Leslie, close encounters with TSA while traveling without I.D., Calvin’s first trip to the zoo, my first 8 hour day away from him and pumping at work, Calvin’s first meeting with his maternal grandfather, and Calvin’s dinner experience at a the upscale and very delicious Trulucks (preview: he slept like a newborn on Steve’s lap the entire time!).

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